Work In Progress

No masterpiece is created in one sitting, although the vision of the outcome is clear in the artist’s mind before he or she begins. No canvas or stone is perfect to begin with. It is what the artist sees that creates the value, as in Michelangelo’s David, that was a cracked and discarded piece of Continue reading »

The Foundational Relationship

Do you look for depth in your relationships? Do they feel a bit superficial? Have you tried being more caring, forgiving or being a better listener and yet you still feel that there isn’t that depth? Why is this? Has anyone told you before that our first relationship is with ourselves? Not knowing our own Continue reading »

Do You Have a Favourite Door?

When one door closes another opens, right?  We know these opening doors offer opportunities, newness or changes at crossroads in our lives.  How good are we though at spotting the doors in front of us and determining which one we really want to go through?  Is there an ideal mindset for different doors? Doors you Continue reading »

Ponderings on Perseverance

Perseverance is more than pig-headedness. It’s the ability to keep your objective or goal in mind whilst taking or determining an action towards that goal. The key to perseverance isn’t in worrying about what’s gone wrong, not working, or not being done right. It is simply in knowing (not seeing) that this moment is just Continue reading »

Thrive in Uncertainty: 3 Anchors

Today we find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty and instability. It seems that anything can happen at any time, be it economic, environmental, health-related or people-related. Where do we anchor ourselves in such times? When our previous anchors come loose, what can we do? What is certain and unchanging? There are three inner Continue reading »

Do You Have a Gardener?

Do you have a gardener’s approach to life?  Here are some of the approaches you’ll have when you do… Love nature. A gardener knows that everything has a reason to be.  Everything, no matter how small, is an important part of the whole and, whether we see it or not, is making a big difference, Continue reading »

Non-Violence: The Challenge and Hope

Non-Violence: the challenge and hope Gandhi invited us to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world.’ This is one of those statements that is easy to understand, yet not so easy to do.  So, how can we individually start addressing the challenge and the hope of non-violence? One thing we can begin with is Continue reading »

Loving Life

Imagine waking-up every day feeling enthusiastic about what the day might hold. Imagine loving every moment of every day, no matter what’s going on. Is it possible? Life is for happiness, learning and giving. When we are aligned to these, life flows. So, how can we increase the feeling of loving life? The answer lies Continue reading »

Introversion: The Quiet SuperPower

In a world full of uncertainty, change and shifting fortunes, where can we find solid ground? What, if anything, can keep us buoyant when we find ourselves in the midst of raging storms? Is there a way that we can even turn things around? When everything seems to be falling apart, our solid ground, buoyancy Continue reading »

Reframe Problems

How can a problem not be a problem? And be a problem for one person and not another? And a problem one day and not the next? If the situation alone was the problem, wouldn’t it always be a problem and for everyone? As this doesn’t seem to be the case, what specifically turns something Continue reading »

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