Daily Confidence Boosters

Everyday things can happen that can knock holes in our confidence, and doubt is always waiting there to take its chance. So, what can we do, on a day to day basis, to keep our confidence resilient and dismiss doubt’s deceptions?

  1. Fill your ‘waking’ with positivity. What are your first thoughts on waking? Is it more of an, ‘Oh no another day….’ or an, ‘Oh yes, I wonder what today will bring?’ If it is an ‘Oh nooo…’ catch yourself and have a little chat with yourself, such as, ‘Hold on a moment. It’s actually OK. Today is going to be a good day.’  ‘I can do it.’ ‘I can handle it.’ Then think about some of the simple things you have to look forward to today; such as, a cup of hot chocolate, listening to your favourite song or the flowers in the window box.
  2. Enlist positive affirmations. Use ready-made ones, such as, a ‘Thought for Today,’ or create your own. Take the ones that resonate with you and post them on your mirror, computer desktop, fridge, in your purse/wallet or where-ever they might catch your eye. When they do catch your eye make sure to take a moment to let them sink in – then notice how you feel when you do versus when you don’t.
  3. Nurture faith in yourself and in life. Firstly, there is faith in the self. Faith in our own innate goodness, our values and in our self mastery. Check-in: How well do you really know yourself? What are your positive qualities and strengths? Focus on and nurture these. Build these up, and then you will have the strength to tackle your weaknesses. Another question to ask yourself is, what are my inner values and am I aligned with them? When we are, there is a natural inner surety and confidence. A third area to explore is how well you know what triggers a reaction in you!   To know our enemy means to be no longer at their mercy.

Exercise: Stop to feel. Stop for 10 seconds once in a while. Be present and ask yourself. How am I feeling right now? How would I like to feel? What do I need to tweak to feel how I would like to feel? Who is in charge of how you feel? The situation or you?

Secondly, there is faith in life. This is the faith that even when things don’t seem to be going well you don’t doubt that it will all come together in the end, make sense, have some meaning, or that something good will come out of this mess. The other aspect of faith in life is in understanding the law of karma or action. Understanding that the actions we perform today create our tomorrows and that we have a choice in this.

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