Wellbeing at Work

If you want us to run an online session for your workplace, your teams, clients or service users, please feel free to get in touch and we can organise something that works for you.

We run sessions for companies, organisations, universities and community groups.

Our sessions can be adapted to run in lunch hours, breakfast meetings or part of your health and well-being day.

  • Our approach is simple – we understand that to take time to revitalise ourselves is essential if we want to function productively at work and to be able to unwind at the end of the day!

well-being sessions

Our current selection of well-being sessions on offer are:

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Guided Meditation

For an all-round feel-good factor, refresh your energy levels with a meditation booster. Relax your mind body and enjoy a guided creative visualisation for a quick get-away.

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Self Esteem

Step out of your comfort zone to bring out the best in yourself. Be a self-coach rather than your own worst critic to improve your mood, self-talk and communication skills.

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Positive Thinking

Rethink challenges, think opportunities. Rethink problems, think solutions. Understand how to train your mind to shift your attitude and flip negative to positive.

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Stress Less

Take the stress out of your life. Keep calm and rise above it all. Explore strategies on how to slow down, have more work life balance and strengthen your stress response.

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Manage Your Time

Get things done by working smarter, not harder. Develop simple tricks to use time effectively and enjoyably, rather than find your life dictated by time!

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How to Meditate

Learn a meditation skill that you can use as you commute, at your desk and at home. Quick tips on how to de-clutter your head space and go from noise to peace.

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