Who do You Follow?

Who do you follow?  On social media, we follow amazing individuals, like-minded people, celebrities, brands…  But in real life, who do you follow and why?  Who you follow impacts you.  So, the question here isn’t, to follow or not to follow?  The question is, are they a good influence on you?

We can unfollow on social media, in the same way, in real life too, maybe we can unfollow. And if you’re going to follow anyone, make sure to follow yourself, follow your own path, follow your heart….

A Head Full of Thoughts

When your head is full of thoughts, full of fear, stress, worries, doubts, here’s a simple reminder: you are not your thoughts. Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts and you can: S – Separate yourself from the thoughts and breathe O – Observe your thoughts and they’ll lose their momentum S – Steer Continue reading »

Bloom Where You Are

When a flower blossoms, its beauty and fragrance is released into the world. Like a flower, we too can bloom where we are.  And when we tap into our inner goodness, we release our inner beauty and goodness into the world.

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