Those We’ve Lost 

Over the past year, we’ve lost many loved ones and we’ve found different ways to honour them. Whether it’s curating online memorials, donating to a cause that was important to them, writing a letter to them, or carrying on a tradition of theirs; the process of honouring the ones we’ve lost can be comforting.

And if it’s someone we barely knew, we can maybe light a candle or meditate in honour of them.



Ask for What You Want

Are you good at asking for what you want? Know what you want and ask for it, because if you don’t ask, you won’t get. When asking for what you want: – Find the right person and the right moment. – Ask with confidence but without being pushy or demanding. – Be clear and specific, Continue reading »

Midday Energiser

Try this energising exercise the next time you notice a midday energy slump: – Take long, slow, deep breaths and with each breathe out, let all the fatigue drop away. – With each breath in, begin to feel a sense of vibrancy and vitality within you. – Sit in this awareness of heightened energy and Continue reading »

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