Get Deep Work Done  

There’s always tasks on our list that need deep concentration. Here are 4 ways to get deep work done:

  1. Establish an interruption free time and space. If you can’t, then, wear headphones and work.
  2. Identify your distractions and remove them. If you can’t, then, resist the distractions.
  3. Schedule deep work for a few hours daily. If you can’t, then, switch to deep work when you are most focused or whenever you can.
  4. Make time for deep relaxation regularly and it will refresh the concentration needed for deep work.

Dealing With a Stubborn Person

Dealing with a stubborn person can be infuriating. Are you good at knowing when to push, when to give up? Are you able to persuade them to consider your position? To make dealing with a stubborn person a little easier, try the following steps: – stop judging them – reframe their stubbornness as determination or Continue reading »

Choosing What to Choose

When making a choice, if you just keep thinking about all the options, it results in more confusion. So, rather than overthinking everything, write everything down. List and weigh up all the options, from the worst case scenarios to the impact of your choice on others. Write things down and it will help you organise Continue reading »

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