Feeling the Blues?

Feeling cold? Feeling the January blues? Try this meditation to feel warmer and brighter: Imagine that you are lying on a sunbed, near a beach…. Stretched out under the blue skies and the warm sunshine, there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go….

And as you soak up the sun, let the sunlight brighten your mood and the warmth melt away any tension…. Feeling more and more relaxed, slowly let the details fade, as you bring the bright mood and the feeling of warmth back to where you are.

Empower Yourself Daily

True power isn’t the power you have over anyone else.  Power is what you have within you, power is what you are. So, take time every day to tap into your power, experience it and empower yourself daily.  

Weight Loss Idea

Right now, just about everyone wants to lose some weight. So, if you’ve been overindulging in thinking too much, talking too much, doing too much, here’s a weight loss idea: lose the weight of waste. Cut down on all those unhealthy, wasteful thoughts, conversations and tasks that offer no value. Drop the extra pounds and Continue reading »

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