Make You Feel Good

Are you waiting for someone, something or some place to give you a boost and make you feel good? A word of appreciation, a gift or that perfect holiday!

Why wait for someone, something or some place, why not, make yourself feel good? Make a commitment to yourself and do things that give you a boost.

Space in Your Head

Often when something is hanging around in your head, it tends to take up space and rent for free. But the space in your head is valuable. So, if it’s difficult people or difficult situations that’s taking up too much space, ask it to either leave or take up less space. And give more space Continue reading »

When Life Calls

When life calls, do you answer, or do you ignore it? When life calls, are you ready? To be ready: Keep your mind free, present and available. Believe that you are courageous. Then when life calls, you’ll be ready for anything, ready to call up your courage to face life whatever life brings.

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