A Little Less Complaining

We often use ‘complaining’ as a tool to share experiences and create humour.  We also use complaining as a method to take action, but no one likes a complainer.  So, let’s stop complaining.
If you can’t stop immediately or altogether, then complain a little less!  Cut down on the unnecessary complaints and you’ll find that your necessary complaints will be more effective.  And try rephrasing the complaints into positive comments and you may find that it becomes easier for people to listen to you.

Life’s Waves

Often, when we get overwhelmed by life’s challenges, we lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s as if we lose sight of the ocean for the waves. Life’s challenges are like waves, they come and go. See the ocean between the waves and the waves will seem less overwhelming. See the bigger picture and you’ll Continue reading »

Get your Inner Critic on your side

Your inner critic puts you down, but have you considered that your inner critic may not be against you?  It’s probably trying to help you to do and be your best. It just isn’t going about it in a compassionate way. Rather than battle with your inner critic, a) take constructive suggestions from your inner Continue reading »

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