Are You Postponing Your….?

How often do you postpone your meal time just to finish that one last thing? Even though there’s always something or the other waiting to be finished, postponing your meal times doesn’t do your body and mind any good.

Stop postponing. Avoid letting anything eat into your time to eat and make eating on time a priority.

The Mundane and The Ordinary

Even though life often feels like a series of mundane activities, it’s not a life more ordinary… You can change your approach. Make it fun and turn mundane into ‘fun-done.’ Make it meaningful and turn ordinary into extraordinary. You can also change your attitude. Embrace the mundane, appreciate the ordinary and you may feel more grateful, Continue reading »

A Good Friend

Are you a good friend to everyone but you? Do you say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend? Good friends are honest but they are also kind. So, be more kind in what you say to yourself and be more forgiving to yourself. Be a good friend to you and you’ll Continue reading »

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