Hope, Cope or Mope?

When the going gets tough, it’s easy to let the inner pessimist take over.  But if you were to let the inner optimist take over, you’re more likely to stay hopeful, get tougher, try harder and keep going long after the pessimist in you has given up, because the optimist in you copes, and the pessimist mopes!

So when the going gets tough, who will take over, the inner pessimist or the inner optimist?

A Better To-Do List

Do you love creating to-do lists?  How often do your lists become too long to ever get done?  And how often do you find yourself moving tasks from one day to the next? How about, creating a better to-do list to help you get things done.  You can organise your to-do lists by context, such Continue reading »

Finding Acceptance

Acceptance doesn’t always come easily. Next time you’re finding acceptance difficult try this: Imagine watching the colours of the sunset taking over your heart. As shades of red, purple and orange evolve in the sky, feel a soothing feeling of acceptance taking over your heart. Accept yourself, accept everything and everyone, and remain anchored to Continue reading »

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