Your Body is Like a Car

Your body is like a car, it takes you where you need to go. But unlike a car, you can’t replace it. So, to ensure everything runs smoothly and works properly:

  • Give the body regular fuel and maintenance
  • Pay attention to your body’s signals
  • Use the body without pushing it beyond its limits

What will you do to improve how you care for the body?

Other People’s Values

When our values are shared, it makes communication and collaboration easier. But most often, we find that other people’s values are different than ours. So, 1) get to know other peoples’ values, and 2) accept and respect that their values may differ from yours. This doesn’t make them wrong, just different. Do this and it Continue reading »

Storm of Thoughts and Emotions

When there’s a storm of thoughts and emotions, turn towards your inner calm, the eye of the storm. Here you can find stillness and stability. Then, when the storm is over, instead of feeling battered or depleted, you’ll continue on your journey with calm and clarity.

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