What Others Think

Do you think it’s important to care about what others think? Or should you care more about what you think? Most of us find it almost impossible not to care, and it’s important for our relationships and social connections. But care too much and it’s likely to negatively affect our emotions, decision making and authenticity.

Care, don’t care or not care too much, about what others think?

Mind Massage

When there are knots in your mind, give your mind a massage. Imagine yourself standing under the sun. Feel the heat of the sun softening the muscles of your mind, loosening and dissolving all the knotted thoughts. And let the sunlight fill your mind with light, energy and vitality.

Overcoming Information Overload

There’s so much information coming at us all the time. It just overloads and overwhelms the brain. So, be more selective about the information you consume and find better ways to take control of information overload. How will you overcome information overload?

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