Improv to Improve

Improv, it’s not just for actors or comedians. At any given moment, we all improvise in some way or another, changing things up when things change, making things up as we go along.

To improve the way you improv in life, be less busy in your head and be more present. Then you’ll be quick to adapt and improvise.

Full Of Endless Thoughts

When your mind is full of endless thoughts, let your thoughts gently soften and lose momentum, like ocean waves…. Let your thoughts flow through the mind, like waves in the ocean… As your thoughts start to slow down, let your mind relax deeper and deeper, becoming calm and tranquil, like the ocean.

Being a Mirror

Just as a mirror helps us present our best to the world, in the same way, when there’s clarity in our thoughts, transparency in our feelings and stillness in our presence, we too can be a mirror for others. Are you mirroring the best in others?

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