Like A Hero

Do you live life like a hero?

To be a hero, you don’t need to have a reckless bravado, be perfect or be like the heroes in myths and movies. You just need courage to a) be yourself, b) keep expanding your potential, c) protect what’s important to you, and d) step up and step in when it matters most.

Bring More Ease into Your Day

No one wants to feel anxious or stressed, do they? We all want to feel good and make life feel a little easier. This week, explore how to bring more ease into your day. Here are a few suggestions: structure your mornings to make it work for you fuel your body with nourishing meals avoid Continue reading »

Accommodating Everyone

Can you accommodate everyone in your heart? Can you accept everyone as they are, and accommodate the differences? Will your capacity expand? Will you set any boundaries, any conditions? When we don’t accept others, we build walls. When we accept others unconditionally, we create space for everyone to just be. Will you build walls or Continue reading »

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