Nice or Kind?

Are you being nice or kind? Often when we’re being nice, we want something in return. And when we’re being kind, we want nothing in return.

Kindness tends to be much more sincere than niceness because there are no strings attached. Shift from being nice to being kind and try a different way of being.

As You Get Ready For Bed

We change our clothes before going to bed. It’s a simple ritual that helps us to disengage from the day. Here’s a simple exercise to do, as you change out of your clothes and get ready for bed: Let go of everything that has happened during the day. Remove the stress and the pressure from Continue reading »

Pay and Give

How good is your listening ability? Most of us are not good at it because listening requires us to give our full attention. If you want to better your listening ability, start paying attention to the sounds around you. If you are in a coffee shop, pay attention to the coffee machine, the music playing…. Continue reading »

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