The Little Things

Do you let little things upset you a little too often?

When little things get to you, decide if it’s worth getting upset about. If it’s not, then:

  1. Stop magnifying little things, and making it into something big.
  2. Stop holding onto it, just shake it off and let it go.

Let little things slide and you’ll have more energy for the things that do matter.

Your Valuable Values

Values give shape to your character. They define your priorities, guide your choices, and drive your behaviour. Your values are valuable! So, get clear on what you stand for. And get in sync with your values.

Always Running Out Of Time

Are you always running out of time? Time can’t possibly run away from you, so why are you always trying to catch up with time? Try the following tips, and see if you can begin to walk hand in hand with time: Replace the feeling of ‘running out of time’ with, ‘I have enough time’. Continue reading »

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