Make Your Weekends

Do your weekends feel too short? Apparently, when we do something active, something different, it makes us notice more and this makes time seem longer.

What would make your weekend feel longer? Doing something active? Or would you prefer to do something relaxing to slow down your weekend?

Peace in the World

Who doesn’t want there to be peace in the world? Peace in the world starts within. It starts within our hearts and minds, and spreads out from there. So, make your inner peace a priority and be the peace you want to see in the world. This will give you the power to bring peace Continue reading »

Goal Accountability

When you’re working towards a goal, you might want to share your goal with someone; someone who will hold you accountable, remind you, support you and nudge you when you start to backslide. Accountability improves your chances of success because when you know that someone is keeping tabs on you, you’re more likely to follow Continue reading »

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