Say Goodbye

Before you say goodbye to 2017:

  • Reflect on the year, the toughest challenges, the most meaningful moments.
  • Review your achievements and your personal development over the year.

Create positive reference points, take the learning, and use it to move forward into 2018.                         

Solitude and Social Time

We need both, solitude and social time. Have you found the balance between the two? Or do you lean towards one more than the other? Carve out time for yourself and others, and get better at enjoying your own company as well as the company of others. How will you develop a healthy balance between Continue reading »

Last Minute Resolutions

Do you end up making last minute New Year’s resolutions? Last minute resolutions are often not realistic or meaningful. To make the right resolutions: Give it some thought beforehand. Think about what’s meaningful to you and what you really want. Be realistic about what’s possible and set resolutions that are achievable, rather than over ambitious. Continue reading »

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