Is Tired Your New Normal?

When people ask you, ‘How are you?’ how often do you respond with ‘I’m so tired’? If you are always talking about how tired you are, you come across as lacking in energy, excitement and motivation.

If tired is your new normal, you might want to do something about it. Get enough sleep, exercise more, eat right, visit the doctor, do the things that make you happy….. What tweaks will you make to feel less tired?

Mountains and Molehills

How often do you make things bigger than they are? We exaggerate, magnify, and make a mountain out of a molehill, making the situation more challenging than it is. Alter the size of the situation in your mind and transform something that seems as big as a mountain into a molehill and you’ll make it Continue reading »

Less Selfish, More Selfless

Are you selfish or selfless, somewhere in between, or both? Are there aspects of your life where you would you like to be less selfish, more selfless? When we are being selfless, we put others first and expect nothing in return. But being selfless, enriches us. So, does that make being selfless, selfish? Selfless, selfish, Continue reading »

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