Mind Gardening

This week, make time to do a bit of mind gardening.

  1. Remove the weeds of fear, doubt and worry.
  2. Plant the seeds of peace, hope and trust.
  3. Regularly prune away any negativity.
  4. Water your mind with positivity and love.

And watch the garden of your mind grow and bloom.

Bedtime Routine for Better Sleep

There must be a good reason why we had bedtime routine as kids. So, let’s bring it back! Establish a comforting routine that helps you to sleep better. Maybe, take 15-30 minutes to wind down. You can jot down all of the things busying your mind, get things ready for the next day, take a Continue reading »

Changing Memories

Memories shape our perceptions. They also trigger associated emotions, as well as impacting our present experience in ways we don’t always realise. So, the next time a negative memory pops up, try and change your perception. Make it healthy and constructive, and it may bring closure and a positive perspective.

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