Daily Confidence Boosters

Everyday things can happen that can knock holes in our confidence, and doubt is always waiting there to take its chance. So, what can we do, on a day to day basis, to keep our confidence resilient and dismiss doubt’s deceptions? Fill your ‘waking’ with positivity. What are your first thoughts on waking? Is it Continue reading »

Be Your Own Coach: Part 1

Good coaching empowers us to step up in life. What is it though that a good coach does? How do good coaches empower us? Good coaching is actually about asking the right questions, in the right order, with the right sensitivity. Good coaching raises our self-awareness. Good coaching enables us to realise things for ourselves. Continue reading »

Seeking Approval?

Do you find yourself craving others’ approval and doing ‘whatever’s needed’ to attain it? At times we’ve all probably done things just to please others. However, living for others’ approval, can have quite a detrimental effect on our lives. We may find ourselves juggling so many balls, in our attempt to keep everyone happy, that Continue reading »

Empower Yourself

What is self empowerment? Here, we are considering it in terms of power over the self. In other words, over how we act, feel, speak and think. It’s about choice and having the inner power to follow one’s dreams. Recall a time you felt empowered. What were you doing? We feel empowered when we believe Continue reading »

Boost Your Confidence

Can you say without doubt, ‘This is where I want to be and this is what I want to be doing’? Real confidence comes when we feel we are living our truth, on purpose and aligned with life. This comes from knowing who we are. This is deeper than ‘everyday’ confidence. To know who we Continue reading »

A Know-It-All

It’s like being a living breathing walkie-talkie encyclopaedia- with answers for just about anything and everything! It’s easy to be perceived as a know-it-all and not even realise it. Unfortunately most of us have started off with “Did you know…?” even when we weren’t asked for our opinion (that includes me!) A know-it–all attitude is Continue reading »


Have you ever resented someone because of their success? Or justified their success, with some trivial reason, so that you can easily dismiss them and feel better? Or even dismissed their success as “not my cup of tea”? Most of the time jealousy is subtle. Most of us would be embarrassed to be caught with Continue reading »

Thoughts on Courage

Why courage? With courage, there are always possibilities. Courage has traditionally been defined as a masculine virtue. There are also the more feminine aspects of courage. These can be recognised in the roots of the word. The French ‘corage’ means heart and spirit, and the Latin ‘cor’ means heart. Courage is always in touch with Continue reading »

Being Bold: Affirming Without Arrogance

Being bold is about… being who you are and expressing yourself from your core. To be who we are and express ourselves from our core we need, of course, first of all to be able to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ We may say ‘I am a spiritual being of light/ conscious energy.’ Does Continue reading »

The Laws of Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence – to have trust and faith in who I am. There is confidence in one’s abilities, such as, to solve equations or to build a bridge; and then there is confidence (faith and trust) in the self, in ‘who I am,’ in my essence, in my true potential and capacity for greatness- and then there Continue reading »

Fun Factor 3

LIFE IS A GAME The moment you find that you are worrying too much, practise returning to being a child -go for it- with the knowledge of being an adult; the experience and knowledge. Experience childlike joy mixed with the abundance of knowledge in our hands. – Enjoy the journey without worrying about the outcome. Continue reading »

Fun Factor 2

How do I inject lightness into my life? Seriousness holds me back. I am more creative when I am relaxed. I take my work seriously but have fun doing it. Do you love what you do? If not, why? – Spend more time doing the things that you like and less time doing the things Continue reading »