What is Self-Care in a Busy World?

Self-care in a busy world is all about enabling and supporting our self to attain the successes in life we would like to achieve. It isn’t a case of one size fits all. Boosting our resilience, flexibility and adaptability is definitely a big component of it. It begins with defining for ourselves, ‘What does success Continue reading »

Forgiveness Perspectives

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”  Nelson Mandela Forgiveness renews. It free us from the past, opens us to truth, and reconnects us with the original peace, love, joy and Continue reading »

Make Your Self-Talk Work

Talking something through with yourself helps organise your thoughts, and helps you work things out.  How?  Holding a conversation naturally holds your attention, conversing with yourself enables you to naturally focus your attention on the issue long enough to sort it out. Otherwise like snapchat, our inner chat is easily lost or distracted, with the slightest disturbance Continue reading »

The Quintessential You

Are you defined by what you do or who you are?  Before anyone labels you, how do you label yourself?  How you perceive and relate to yourself, will pretty much direct how others will see and relate to you. For example, are you a soccer mum or a caring mum?  Intellectually we know for someone Continue reading »

Understanding Other People Better

Part Two: Hearing More Clearly In part one we took a look at how the filters we wear affects our vison and relationship with others. In part two we are going to take a look at the number one hack that improves our ability to hear others more clearly. This is to be a ‘silent’ Continue reading »

Understanding Other People Better

Part One: Seeing More Clearly Any individual we meet, have been shaped by many influences. Each one of us is completely unique and, underneath our personality layers, each one of us has a special gift that we bring to the world. Holding this bigger vision of each other is a good place to start on Continue reading »

Worry-less: from worry to peace

What are your worries about? Are they connected to the past, present or future? Naming our worries is the first step on the journey from worry to peace. The second step is to apply the right solution for that particular worry. In doing so we step towards becoming worry-less. What do you worry about? Be Continue reading »

The Power of Living in the Now

How present are you to this moment? Are you experiencing it? Are you 10% or 100% here? Is the past pulling you? Are you lost in hopes for the future? The power to heal the past, change and create new tomorrows all lie in the present moment. It is the power of living in the Continue reading »

Believe in Yourself

Often, very early in life we start the journey of self-belief (or self-doubt). Self-confidence is about “I can”: my skills, ability and capacity. Self-esteem or self-worth is how we value ourselves, often based on what we do, on how others perceive us, on our beliefs about ourselves. Criticism, displeasure and comparisons arise when we don’t Continue reading »

Fall in Love with Life Again

Do you remember waking up in the morning, jumping out of bed and enthusiastically looking forward to what the day would unfold? Each day was an adventure. Where did that feeling go? Has it been lost in the everyday humdrum? Over-ridden by being constantly on the go? Or squashed by worries and stress? And most Continue reading »

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