Do You Ever Get Angry?

What do you do when you get angry? Neither lashing out or suppressing anger are ideal. Either way, we and others end up suffering. So, is there a third way? Let’s explore anger a little more. Have you thought about what makes you angry? Injustice? Threats? Disappointments? Things not going your way? Things not being Continue reading »

Anger Management

We say, ‘Don’t get mad!’ to each other, and yet when we do become ‘mad’, our hearts are inevitably hurt, and then later comes the regret. So, what can we do to manage our anger? Firstly, to manage anger we have to see what our intentions are. Do I really want to change this pattern Continue reading »

Anger to Cool

Long live the Button Pusher Some people know just which buttons to press, and when we don’t know any better we just go ahead and let them. When they push our buttons, anger seeps out of us like water flowing out of a tap. Then later, we are faced with feelings of regret or perhaps Continue reading »

Moving Beyond Anger

When we forget who we are stress, anger and fear emerge. At the core of our being we are beautiful and we all have the capacity to live a peaceful and loving life. A Reflective Exercise: Sit quietly and emerge a situation in your life that ‘makes’ you angry. Quietly observe… without judgement… and reflect Continue reading »

Anger Free?

‘Angry people are those who are most afraid’ – Dr Robert Anthony To be free of anger we have to become free from fear. We are afraid because we feel insecure, empty and dependent. If one was to listen to people all over the world speaking there are probably two words that come out tops: Continue reading »

Anger Management Tips

Anger and Expectations. We get angry when our expectations haven’t been met. When anger comes: – accept it. – understand that no-one is making you angry, it is to do with ‘my’ expectations. – step back: I, the soul, create the thoughts but I am not the thoughts. Don’t get caught in the thoughts. – Continue reading »

Anger Handle

What happens when I get angry? Anger can sometimes give us a sense of aliveness, of being in power or a means of control. It creates a lot of stimulation in the body, and guilt in others. Why do I get angry? 1. Although something external might stimulate anger, the real cause comes down to Continue reading »

Managing Anger

Anger is something we hold onto dearly. Instead of ‘managing’ how about releasing and letting go of anger? How? By letting in the peace. Behind anger Anger is a ‘negative energy response’. It comes out of not getting our desires fulfilled. Desires wreak havoc in our minds, hearts, conscience and to our ability to rule Continue reading »


Do I suppress or express my anger? The danger of expressing it is that it becomes a habit. Then if I suppress it one day I burst and I am left with a feeling of emptiness. There is the voice of my ego saying ‘react’ versus the voice of my conscience saying ‘maintain your self Continue reading »

Don’t Get Anger-ed, Get Wise!

This is the age of rage. Road rage. Trolley rage. Air Rage. Net rage. It’s now official according to a recent article in The Sunday Times. Why do we become irritated/angry? Usually it is because we are reacting to not getting what we want or to others not doing/being as we want them to do/be. Continue reading »

Beating Anger

Anger is a form of violence. It is a negative energy. We are actually positive and powerful beings and anger is the enemy of our natural state. When there is conflict within me, the signal is pain. It is telling me that there’s something that needs to be resolved physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I Continue reading »