The Science of Relationships

We are in relationship with everything around us. Is my attitude one of respect towards everyone I pass when I am walking in the street or do I only care for the people who love me? Law of karma – We can’t blame others for being negative towards us. Consider what it may be that Continue reading »


Do I suppress or express my anger? The danger of expressing it is that it becomes a habit. Then if I suppress it one day I burst and I am left with a feeling of emptiness. There is the voice of my ego saying ‘react’ versus the voice of my conscience saying ‘maintain your self Continue reading »

The Art of Being

1. Being non-judgmental (understanding) versus judging: we don’t see things as they really are but through the filter of our own feelings, ideas and beliefs. We judge ourselves/others based on these rather than truly seeing/hearing. When we are being judgmental we become blinkered and we are not able to see beyond the situation and that Continue reading »


What is intuition? The word ‘intuition’ has its root in the Latin word that means: to see within. We each have our own ‘blueprint and moments of intuition/lucidity are times when we are in connection with our own ‘blueprint’. An intuition may be a feeling, a symbol, a picture or words. It is in fact Continue reading »

Creativity Spirit

We are all creators. We create everything with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. Everything is just energy, this we perceive through our senses. ‘Like energy’ attracts like. If we think positively we feel positive. The effects of feelings on your body are known so it is important to have a control of our Continue reading »

Detached Observer's Way Forward

1. Detached Observer of the scenes going on around you. See how whatever situation we currently find ourselves in or is in front of us… it comes and it goes. The scenes we are in are constantly changing, this is a guarantee. Do they dictate to us how we will feel? Practice seeing them as Continue reading »

Enlightenment Unplugged

I need three things to become enlightened: 1. Knowing the light The awareness of knowing myself beyond this physical body frees me from many illusions and fears. I naturally begin to experience my original qualities: peace, love, purity, joy and wisdom. I leave the baggage of the expectations of the roles that I play behind. Continue reading »

Strategies For Stress-Free Relationships

The main cause of stress: Relationships The fundamental relationship I need to get right is the relationship with myself, as then all the others will fall into place. Loving myself from the inside out, to do this I need to take time ‘in’, see the beauty and strength inside, experience them and then take them Continue reading »

In Relationship

There are three main relationships: with the self, with others and with God. In relationship with myself Do I consider that I am in a relationship with myself? When I say ‘I…’ who is I? Do I mean these hands, feet, arms… this body? Who is the I that feels, cares and believes? Is it Continue reading »

Lost in Translation…Or Interpretation

Lost in translation or interpretation? Individually we interpret our lives – the situations we find ourselves in, others and what we are currently experiencing – based on our past experiences and encounters. Everything that we have experienced and experience – positive or negative – we record within our psyche. Have you ever for example been Continue reading »

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