The Law of Habit

What is a habit? A pattern of behaviour that has an element of compulsion to it and that is done without thought. We may not even realise that we are doing it! Are habits good or bad? When we do something out of habit – without conscious thought – that act has no power in Continue reading »

Positive Response-Ability

When I have expectations in my mind and they aren’t met I experience -create feelings of- disappointment and this leads to getting moody and not being ‘present’ in a relationship. Emotions are like heavy clouds. We need to define and contextualise these clouds as when we do this we can completely disempower them. These clouds Continue reading »

Cosmic Confidence

Many of life’s experiences move me away from my confidence. When I don’t live by my principles I move away from my original state, this ‘gap’ brings me emotional pain. We need a huge amount of courage to live our principles. Can I create my own confidence so that I don’t get influenced by anything Continue reading »

Winning the Relationship Game

We either come into relationship as the role we are playing or as the being that we are. Signs that we are in a role e.g. the parent-child, teacher-student, employer-employee, etc. a) We come into superiority (dominating)-inferiority (subservient) relationships rather than interacting with mutual respect. b) We feel the need to prove that we are Continue reading »

What Is In The Way Is… The Way

What is in the way? Name two things that you see as obstacles in your life. Now looking beyond these obstacles… What is the thing that is on the other side of these obstacles that you want? Why do you want what is on the other side of these obstacles? To overcome an obstacle and Continue reading »

Emotional Feng Shui

Feng shui is all about energy. It concerns maximising the positive energies whilst minimising the negative ones to be about balance and harmony. There are two aspects creating space (de-cluttering) and taking charge of our environment. The emotional clutter is the things of the past that I keep in my mind that are not helpful Continue reading »

A Dilemma?

In a dilemma we are at a meeting point of ways and don’t know which one to take, usually because we don’t have enough information or we are torn between two choices (we don’t know hat the right thing to do is). A dilemma only becomes a problem only when we don’t make a decision, Continue reading »

Thoughts on Karma and Rebirth

How do I know there’s rebirth? – one’s own dreams/thoughts – profound awareness – memories – regressions – NDE: near-death experience – direct recall – teachings from the other cultures Spirituality is about awareness. – Rather than labelling people, I understand that the soul is trapped in a negative mind set because of its wrong Continue reading »

Snippets From Talks – Experience

There are five laws operating in this physical universe: physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual. Obedient: this word has many negative connotations, it actually means to be completely awake to ones conscience. When we disobey our conscience we are lead down a path that eventually leads us to experience of punishment. Whilst travelling down this Continue reading »

Approval Addiction

Addictions are dependencies and they can be physical, mental or emotional. Desiring approval There is both a positive and a negative side to wanting approval. The positive is that it may motive me to achieve/to make effort/to aim to excel when otherwise I may not. Here I am seeking more to please (give happiness to) Continue reading »

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