Love Love Love

Love is a very powerful medicine, it can heal. Medical research has in fact shown that when people are in a loving environment they need less medication compared to those in a less loving one. However, love is a word that that has become ‘loaded.’ Often this word is wrongly used. An indication of real Continue reading »

Why Resist?

There is one main thing that we resist: the idea of being great. Greatness is the ability to respond things with love by seeing the bigger picture. I am able to forgive and start again. If my sense of self is seated in temporary things, my sense of greatness is compromised. 1. Am I able Continue reading »

Understand To Be Understood

What is needed to bring understanding into our relationships and work? Love, a love from internal strength – not from taking. A love that asks: how can I help? – not why does no-one understand me? or why is the world like this? A love that asks: what can I do right now to bring Continue reading »

Energy Management

Physical energy Five types of energy input are needed by our bodies, the quality of these energies is significant though on our overall well-being. 1. Food – what, how and when we eat all important. 2. Exercise – my motivation and where my mind is when exercising are important. 3. Sleep – before sleeping making Continue reading »

The Power of Decision Making

What should we be aware of in the decision making process considering that life is not black and white? – Be aware of how free we are to choose our aim and the way to reach our aim. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Be aware of the journey Continue reading »

Me, Myself and I

Me, myself, and I – Can selfishness ever be a good thing? There is another side to selfishness… wanting to care and nurture for the self. True selfishness is to feel genuinely good about myself as I will then experience peace, love and happiness much more easily. Our minds play games and say: ‘I can Continue reading »

Conflict resolution

– ‘Attitude’ is a non-physical thing and it changes the atmosphere around us. Our ‘attitude’ sends out vibes and people pick up on these. Conflict resolution is all about looking at and changing my attitude. – Our body is our vehicle. Each of us has an inner world, an inner being, the soul, the driver. Continue reading »


Perfection – is it possible? Yes? Many of us try to make things perfect but they just don’t seem to work out. Maybe we are being unrealistic and trying to get there in one big jump without first laying the foundations (taking the little steps)? Maybe it is because it just isn’t time yet for Continue reading »

The Law of Habit

What is a habit? A pattern of behaviour that has an element of compulsion to it and that is done without thought. We may not even realise that we are doing it! Are habits good or bad? When we do something out of habit – without conscious thought – that act has no power in Continue reading »

Positive Response-Ability

When I have expectations in my mind and they aren’t met I experience -create feelings of- disappointment and this leads to getting moody and not being ‘present’ in a relationship. Emotions are like heavy clouds. We need to define and contextualise these clouds as when we do this we can completely disempower them. These clouds Continue reading »

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