Understanding Other People Better

Part Two: Hearing More Clearly In part one we took a look at how the filters we wear affects our vison and relationship with others. In part two we are going to take a look at the number one hack that improves our ability to hear others more clearly. This is to be a ‘silent’ Continue reading »

Understanding Other People Better

Part One: Seeing More Clearly Any individual we meet, have been shaped by many influences. Each one of us is completely unique and, underneath our personality layers, each one of us has a special gift that we bring to the world. Holding this bigger vision of each other is a good place to start on Continue reading »

10 Keys to Happier Relationships

Everything is great, and then suddenly not so. What happened? Something is said or done or not done, and our happiness goes. We have made our happiness dependent on others’ behaviour. The secret is to not place something as precious as our happiness, in the hands of others. To keep hold of our own ‘mood’ Continue reading »

Man’s Best Friend… Nick the Dog

Do you know any endearing dogs? Let’s take an example of one such a dog. Let’s say his name is Nick and that he’s a Shitzu puppy. The kind of puppy you would fall in love with in a very short space of time. But what are these traits that could cause you to fall Continue reading »

The Foundational Relationship

Do you look for depth in your relationships? Do they feel a bit superficial? Have you tried being more caring, forgiving or being a better listener and yet you still feel that there isn’t that depth? Why is this? Has anyone told you before that our first relationship is with ourselves? Not knowing our own Continue reading »

4 Ways to Successful Relationships

In relationships we exchange qualities, energy and inspirations. Each relationship has its own context and related responsibilities. So, what is it that makes for win-win relationships all round? Here are four aspects of successful relationships.   Interdependency Interdependency creates win-win relationships. In interdependency everyone adds to what is being created. They are give-give relationships. Co-dependent Continue reading »

Being Part of a Team

Working in a team can be great fun, you feel part of something bigger, accomplish more, learn new skills from others and even learn a lot about yourself. Yet teamwork can also be challenging, as it can mean working with people with very different personalities and perspectives. It doesn’t matter if you’re a team leader Continue reading »

Mindfully Emotional

No matter what our belief, our faith or our political standing may be, we can still get along with everyone.  It’s quite a tall order to ask from ourselves, and yet it’s not only possible, but essential, if we want to make our lives meaningful and leave an impact.  All it requires from us is Continue reading »

People Code: A Change of Focus

The PEOPLE CODE is 10 check points to help us change our focus, so that we take back the reigns of how we feel into our own hands. When we do, our relationships naturally become more loving, supportive and fun. P: People-Pleasing. Are you doing this? It can lead to burn out or force us Continue reading »

Positive Relationship Skills

What is the basis of a successful relationship? The vast percentage of the quality of our relationships depend on our character, qualities and prevailing mood. So, to really create good relationships we need first to look to ourselves and our own inner capacity, qualities and attitudes. We also need to look at how we approach Continue reading »

People Skills

Who doesn’t want to get on with people? To have fun, cooperate and live in harmony together? So, why is it that our biggest challenges, more often than not, are relationships? What can we do to improve our people skills? We can employ REAL. These are the four essential building-blocks of for great relationships. REAL: Continue reading »

The Relationship Equation: A + E = C

Attitude Our attitude is created by our thoughts and influenced by whatever is in our memory. Our attitude determines our outlook, how we interpret what we see and how we act. 2 primary attitudes: 1) The attitude of taking (wanting.) Here our mind is thinking ‘I want…’ all the time. As a result we are Continue reading »