Avoid Indecision

I thought I knew how to start this blog and now, “hmmm… I’m not so sure…” Indecision happens to the best of us. So, why are we indecisive? Often we’re afraid to make the wrong choice, we’re afraid of what the outcome maybe. If this is the case, then make yourself understand that no-one ever Continue reading »

From Force to Power: 7 Steps

Take a child, tell them with force not to do something and the moment you turn your back they will go back to doing just that. Now tell them with love – taking the time to explain and to make sure they understand… and you will be able to be sure that they will stay Continue reading »

Know When and When Not To

There is an epic Indian story called the Ramayana which tells the eternal story of humanity. In this story Sita, a princess who is married to Rama, steps outside of her ‘line of protection’ to help a beggar. She wants to give him something but he says she has to go to him as he Continue reading »

Decisions, Decisions

The best decisions are the ones made with a peaceful intellect, one that is able to concentrate. Then you can clearly see the road that has brought you to this crossroads and the future of each of the possible decisions. Once you have made your decision stick to it! If something confuses you and you Continue reading »

Choices, Decisions

Choices. Choices. Choices… How do I decide? Choices There are choices about what to do and then also about the way we go about doing something. Choices about my future and about how I feel about others and life itself. There are so many choices. Have you checked of late though who it is that Continue reading »

Say No to No & Yes to Yes

Do you ever say yes when you mean no, and no when you really wanted to say yes? Why do we say yes when we mean no? How do you feel as a result of this? Why do we say no when we know it is right to say yes? How do you feel afterwards? Continue reading »

The Power of Decision Making

What should we be aware of in the decision making process considering that life is not black and white? – Be aware of how free we are to choose our aim and the way to reach our aim. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Be aware of the journey Continue reading »

A Dilemma?

In a dilemma we are at a meeting point of ways and don’t know which one to take, usually because we don’t have enough information or we are torn between two choices (we don’t know hat the right thing to do is). A dilemma only becomes a problem only when we don’t make a decision, Continue reading »

Detached Observer's Way Forward

1. Detached Observer of the scenes going on around you. See how whatever situation we currently find ourselves in or is in front of us… it comes and it goes. The scenes we are in are constantly changing, this is a guarantee. Do they dictate to us how we will feel? Practice seeing them as Continue reading »

When To Make Yes/No Decisions

When you don’t know what you want it is not so easy and… We tend to say ‘yes’ when we should be saying ‘no’ because of – the influence of others or – the influence my own personality. – losing sight of purpose in life. Or we say ‘no’ when we should be saying ‘yes’ Continue reading »

Solutions In A Nutshell

O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space–were it not that I have bad dreams.”Hamlet, William Shakespeare. The way the world ‘presents’ to me is a mirror reflecting back to me how I see it. So if I am seeing problems/threats then my construct is that Continue reading »

Power of Clarity

How much clarity do we have about our world and ourselves? What is your view and understanding of this world? What is your view and understanding of yourself? Who am I? Am I just this body or am I more than this? The body replaces itself continuously; the whole of our skin is in fact Continue reading »