Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)

Nothing is so big that we can’t overcome it and lift ourselves up again.

What creates fear? – Past experiences (a car accident, an argument?); worries about the future (of failing in your job, of loss of someone dear?); not knowing (maybe about death?) and beliefs we are holding about life and relationships (believing that it is possible for others to hurt me?)

Present? – Are you here in this present moment or are you here with all your fears from the past and worries about the future. Fear blocks our capacity to love, be joyful, to grow and progress in life. It provokes anger and blame within us and it works like a magnet attracting exactly what it is we fear into our lives.

Counteracting? – What creates enthusiasm in your life? What motivates you so much that you forget your fears? Give this your focus and energy and you will move forward, don’t focus on your fears at all. Begin with a true vision of yourself, of who you are and of what you want in your life (emotionally, intellectually and spiritually not materially). Then nurture this vision and allow the authentic you to emerge. You will then find that everything just keeps getting better and better, that you enjoy life more and more and that the things that you used to get to you do so less and less.

( i) allows you to come to know the real you and your inner qualities and strengths,
to have that true vision of yourself.
( ii) helps to clear out our fears and to make the past past and each day new.
(iii) teaches you how to protect yourself from the negative energies that are all around by generating positive thoughts and feelings for others. We have around 30,000 thoughts a day, but how many are meaningful or inspiring? It isn’t the quantity but the quality of our thoughts count.
(iv) awakens the power to face any type of challenge without fear.

What I think and feel is my responsibility, including any feelings of hurt. If I allow others to hurt me then I am allowing them to dominate my life. If I blame others then I am allowing them to rule me.

What creates uncertainty?- The unpredictability of nature, unexpected reactions from others and surprising responses from ourselves to situations.

Counteracting? – Understand that you only reap what you sow. So, if you act with good intent this is what will come back to you. Thus I can become secure in my future. If we focus on being tolerant, respectful and open to dialogue with others, we create a protection against uncertainty for ourselves. Also, by developing an attitude of learning we dampen the questioning which fires uncertainty and instead gain inner understanding, discover our true values and become able to distinguish between love and attachment, peacefulness and laziness and humility and shyness for example.

Meditation: – emerges your internal strengths, resources and capacity to face and overcome. Go deep within and find these inner resources and listen to your inner wisdom.

Guide your thoughts, rule your mind, and turn uncertainty into peace

What creates doubt? – Some are positive such as those that lead us to understand aspects of ourselves / life. Others destroy our self respect. When you doubt your own decisions, this makes ones soul weak and depletes it of the energy it needs to travel forward.

Counteracting? – have full faith in your decisions and full clarity of what your aim is as this brings us enthusiasm, determination and a win-win result. We become our own enemy when we doubt our decisions. You do need to balance your determination with flexibility though… when a river reaches a mountain it just flows around it and then continues on its way to its aim, the ocean.

Meditation:- awakens your positive energies, using your thoughts you can reconnect with your purest energy, your divine energy, your creative energy and your enthusiasm, determination and flexibility. Then it is possible to be aware of the embrace of Divine Energy in which all fears dissolve and we feel totally protected.

In silence at first we may hear the noise of all the voices of fear, uncertainty, doubt … just listen. Listen to hear your inner voice and have courage to follow that inner voice and your heart.

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