What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is acceptance. It accepts and embraces the self and others. It knows that no-one is perfect right now and that we all have hurts that we need to heal. It knows that everyone is doing their best. Conditional love criticises. Unconditional love is balance. The male and female principles are in balance. The Continue reading »

Building Emotional Strength

Emotional strength? What is this? What makes us emotionally strong? To be emotionally strong means that we spend more time experiencing positive rather than negative emotional states. This enables us to be emotionally resilient. We are able to reframe, learn from and bounce back up into positivity, from lower emotional states, very quickly. To build Continue reading »

Manchester by the Sea

Navigating through Loss and Grief As I walked into the screening room with a bunch of seasoned reviewers and critics, to watch Manchester by the Sea – I have to confess, I had seen the poster in the tube station and heard that Casey Affleck had just won a Golden Globe for it but I Continue reading »

Emotions in Motion

Do you find yourself moving from one emotion to another, from highs to lows and back again? Do you find yourself feeling drained by these ups and downs? Do you make decisions based on an emotional storm and then regret it later? Has it become a habit to react in a certain negative way to Continue reading »

Mood Management

A mood is different from an emotional reaction. Emotions are like the waves created on the surface of the lake by the wind. They tend to be reactions to external situations and short lived. Can you count how many emotions you experienced today? A mood is something deeper and it lasts for longer. Moods influence Continue reading »

From Mood to Mood

Bad moods happen. There are days when we all feel down! Where no matter how bright and sunny the weather, we’re in a mood. And most of us allow our moods to get the better of us. So, how do you deal with the emotions? Do you eat yourself silly or spend time snapping at Continue reading »

Stop Complaining

Complaints, Complaints, Complaints. We all do it; sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it. Complaining about the weather, life, health, and people… complaining about when things don’t go right. We vent our thoughts and feelings onto the unlucky person who happens to be near us. Complaining saps our energy and drags others down. Why Continue reading »

Flipside – Flip Your Mood

A ‘bad’ mood? Now where did that come from? Maybe it is that we have too much to do; we have to do something we don’t like; something happens or other people are irritating, frustrating or annoying us? Who likes being in a ‘bad’ mood? Does it seem like there is nothing you can do Continue reading »

Personal Growth – Staying Power

How do you talk to yourself? Do you ever criticise yourself? Do you complain to yourself about yourself? I am overweight, unfit, not tall enough… or about your finances or your personality? Thoughts like this are primarily arising from our ‘ego’ and they affect our personal growth Thoughts that are judgmental, critical and unhappy are Continue reading »

Emotional Detox

The word emotion is derived from the Latin emovere, “e” is to move and ‘movere’ is “out.” Emotion, to move away from myself. My experience (through meditation) tells me that our true nature is that of being calm, loving, happy, resilient and understanding. When we move away from this central awareness we get hooked into Continue reading »

Change your Future

There are these 3 main beliefs: 1) ‘I am a victim’ – of circumstances/ people/ weather/ etc. The emotions that come with this belief are anger, fear and sadness. 2) I can control the behaviour of others/ others should do as I want/ the world should dance to my tune. The emotions are: anger, fear Continue reading »

Emotional Genius

Question: How would it be if you had no buttons to push? The method for this is to have the highest possible relationship with ourselves that we possibly can. Once we have developed such a relationship with ourselves we are able to ‘sit back’ -feel comfortable inside and just breathe- and ‘detach’ from all that Continue reading »