Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

Do you feel that you need to lighten-up a bit? Is something weighing you down? Letting go is an art, and the result is more freedom, peace and happiness in life. The art of letting go is about knowing the why, the what, the hacks and the trip-ups to watch out for. The Why. The Continue reading »

Reframe Problems

How can a problem not be a problem? And be a problem for one person and not another? And a problem one day and not the next? If the situation alone was the problem, wouldn’t it always be a problem and for everyone? As this doesn’t seem to be the case, what specifically turns something Continue reading »

Inner Feng Shui

Inner Feng Shui is about clearing our blocks, so that we can flow with life, create internal happiness and have a positive impact on those around us. Internally, we have a lot of things within ourselves that stems the growth of having a positive and happy life. So what blocks our energy and how do Continue reading »

360 Degrees of Presence

What does having presence mean? Can you think of someone you know who has presence? Sometimes we give people high prominence in our mind, however, this is different to presence. Real presence, like the sun, influences without wanting attention and can change the atmosphere of a room. Real presence is something we can all have. Continue reading »

If Only: To Regret or Not Regret?

Have you ever wished you had a time machine to go back in time and change something? Hmm, maybe even to change many things! Maybe those opportunities you’ve missed? or “I wish I hadn’t shouted at him, then maybe we’d still be talking” or “If only I’d put more effort in, I’d have got better Continue reading »

Stop Being Hurt

At some time or another we’ve all experienced our share of hurt. But sometimes, we become so wrapped up in the past that we continually replay scenes, events, sounds, images of the person we believe “did me wrong”. As we recall the hurt, we’re recreating our feelings of hurt. At this point, I’m hurting me. Continue reading »

Forgive and Forget

Why do we say forgive and forget? In forgiving and forgetting we free ourselves and others from the past and enable ourselves to move on. What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is to have feelings of understanding, kindness, compassion and mercy… and not to blame or condemn. Why forget too? It is ‘forgetting’ that truly frees us Continue reading »

Stop Apologising. Start Living

Apologising is a good start when we recognise that we have made a mistake. Do you also apologise though when you have not? Do you say ‘I’m sorry’ all the time? There are five reasons we might start apologising and saying ‘I’m sorry…’ Type 1: Apologising for things that are, in fact, not in our Continue reading »

Letting Go – 3 of 3

Moving on: Tools Meditation a) Connect us to your inner treasure store. Access our own inner wealth. Accumulate an abundance of peace, love and wisdom. Once we let go we can truly begin accumulating as now there is space. b) In mediation when you find that you just can’t and that your mind is all Continue reading »

Letting Go – 2 of 3

What is there to let go of? – The Past: Life is filled with both positive and negative experiences. It is the negative ones in particular that we are talking of here- hanging onto negative experiences prevents us from healing them and moving forward in life. It is like going on a hike carrying a Continue reading »

Letting Go – 1 of 3

Don’t sit on the branch & watch others fly – let go & fly. Letting go is isn’t about depriving oneself of something- it is about letting go of the negative to allow the positive within you -that is blocked- to emerge and allowing newness into your life. When we are holding onto old things Continue reading »

Letting Go and Moving On

Many of us are carrying a lot of internal grief from the past that it stops us from letting go and moving on. It may even be from so far in the distant past that we no longer know it is there as we have become so accustomed to living with it that it has Continue reading »