Tennis Lessons for Life

Who knew my tennis lessons would end up becoming lessons for my life?  They’ve really helped understand the blocks and ways to exchanging old habits for new. Old Patterns Creeping In Trying to change old habits is something we all aim for. But as we try to make a new habit, it’s so easy for Continue reading »

Handle Criticism Well

Watch out! Criticism coming in fast from the right!  “Wham” – It’s a hit. Did you feel it? The biggest criticism hitters are usually the ones we don’t see coming, or spot just a second or two before they hit, making it too late to intercept, swerve, dodge or deflect. That’s it. It’s an “ouch” Continue reading »

Ponderings on Perseverance

Perseverance is more than pig-headedness. It’s the ability to keep your objective or goal in mind whilst taking or determining an action towards that goal. The key to perseverance isn’t in worrying about what’s gone wrong, not working, or not being done right. It is simply in knowing (not seeing) that this moment is just Continue reading »

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is our status quo or set point. It’s where we stick to doing things that we consider are within our abilities and skills. We are in a familiar territory. It feels ‘safe.’ So, why would we want to expand it? Well, do you find yourself getting bored, stuck in a rut or Continue reading »

Unstoppable – Unbreakable

The goal is set, the path seems clear and we are on our way. Then the challenges start coming and it is taking us much longer to reach our goal than we thought it would. We find ourselves beginning to wonder: Am I being too unrealistic? Is ‘this’ good enough? How can we ensure that Continue reading »

Change and Uncertainty

Do you like change and its’ uncertainty? Sometimes we look forward to change and its possibilities and at other times we don’t. Sometimes we want to change things, and at others times we want to keep everything exactly as it is and we resist change. What makes the difference? Our attitude towards a particular change Continue reading »

No Doubt

We all have our moments of doubts. “I don’t think I can do this!” “I’m not capable!” In using these small phrases, you’re questioning your own abilities. That’s not very encouraging is it? How do you expect to grow and succeed when you keep this continuous negative attitude? Have you noticed that, when you think Continue reading »

The Power Within

The power of patience; don’t allow impatience to come. When there is patience you can come into harmony with others. When there is patience peace and love automatically work. Pause… and you can develop patience within your thinking. The power to tolerate. It is okay, we are all learning so let me learn to live Continue reading »

Getting Past OK

I am OK, I’m alright. Are you living your full potential or just ‘ok’? Are you trapped in your comfort zones? We are all linked, so if there are people around me that are not ok am I really ok? Is there something more I can be doing to benefit them? It maybe something I Continue reading »

Dare to Live: Living with Faith

Faith in our-self This is undermined by two things: -our past experiences (becoming our present fears). -our fear of the unknown (primarily only present when we are not clear of our destination). Instead of faith in ourselves there is self doubt (a lack of self-confidence). To move forward with courage we need to develop self-confidence; Continue reading »

Unlock the Matrix

In the movie the question is: What is the matrix? Reality? Identity? How do we know what is real and true? When Neo first discovers ‘the matrix’ he discovers that he has been living in a dream world. Dreams can be very vivid at times and seem very real. How do we know we have Continue reading »

The Energy Challenge

Energy: the invisible force behind everything. Everything is energy: thoughts, feelings, actions, the atmosphere, matter… Life is the dance of the energies of spirit (the soul and God) and matter. First, recognize the energy of the soul; the thinking, living, conscient being that you are. Allow yourself to just be and become aware of how Continue reading »