Live Life to the Fullest

What does living life to the fullest mean to you? Not to your best friend, partner or parents, and not according to media images or Hollywood. To you. There is no right or wrong answer, in fact, every answer should be coloured with its own uniqueness, as when we are living life to its fullest Continue reading »

Fall in Love with Life Again

Do you remember waking up in the morning, jumping out of bed and enthusiastically looking forward to what the day would unfold? Each day was an adventure. Where did that feeling go? Has it been lost in the everyday humdrum? Over-ridden by being constantly on the go? Or squashed by worries and stress? And most Continue reading »

Amplify Your Potential

  Amplify your potential. Expand into your biggest self. Become your shining self. How? First, create and clarify your vision of this big you. The you that you dream of being. Second, make this the north your compass points to. Third, walk the path. Take it one step at a time. Don’t be surprised if Continue reading »

Stuck Again?

Feeling stuck again!? How many times have you ‘felt’ stuck in life? How many times have you got unstuck? How did you do it? Do you remember? First of all, are you really stuck or is it really time to celebrate? Maybe you have just achieved one of your goals? Sometimes, after attaining a goal Continue reading »

Motivation Matters

What’s behind the scene? Motivation matters. Motivation gets us out of bed. Motivation inspires us. Take a few moments to think about what motivates you… why do you get out of bed in the morning? What’s the motivation behind your motivation? What is the motivation behind wanting the job, car, house, holiday or friends? Begin Continue reading »

Design Your Destiny

Do you believe that we influence our destiny? The answer is both yes and no. “No” because we can’t control everything that happens in our lives and the world. “Yes” because we can choose our responses and so ultimately the ‘type’ of person that we become. So, how do we move, from reacting to responding? Continue reading »

Happiness Ingredients

We seek it here, we seek it there, we seek it everywhere…The reason we wake up and get out of bed… The reason we work… The reason we have relationships… Happiness is our ultimate goal, happiness is our motivator. We exist to be happy. Why is it then that we seem to spend more time Continue reading »

Unstoppable – Unbreakable

The goal is set, the path seems clear and we are on our way. Then the challenges start coming and it is taking us much longer to reach our goal than we thought it would. We find ourselves beginning to wonder: Am I being too unrealistic? Is ‘this’ good enough? How can we ensure that Continue reading »

Turning Failure into Success

Failure happens, right? We’ve all failed…  Remember, when you we first learned to walk, how many times did you fall? Imagine if we’d taken every fall as failure! Did we even consider it a failure? Wasn’t it just part of learning to walk? As children we learn by trial and error, why would it be Continue reading »

In Celebration of Harry Potter!

Today the last Harry Potter film goes on general release in the UK. To mark the occasion, here are some musing on ‘Harry Potter’ from a recent Sunday night talk… H is for… Humility, which also enables us to face and have compassion for our ‘dark side’. A is for… Above. Play quidditch! Fly above Continue reading »


What is influence? Is influence always positive? To influence is to have an effect on another’s thinking, mood or behaviour. Sometimes we confuse trying to control with influencing. Two Teachers It is that time – the end of break and time to get the children back to their lessons. One teacher decides to stand by Continue reading »

DNA of Success

What is success? Success in relationships, career, family, balancing of head and heart, personal development etc? However, do you ever find… a) that you run into conflicts of success, e.g., what being successful as a parent means versus being a successful in my career means? b) that feeling that there must be ‘something more’ or Continue reading »