Curiosity: Da Vinci Style

Curiosity is wanting to know more about something. It is the desire to experience richness and find truth. Curiosity shows that you are alive. It is different to nosiness. Nosiness is to seeking those titillating details to distract yourself with indefinitely. How did Da Vinci discover so many things in a short time? a curious Continue reading »

Belief – It’s Possible

Beliefs are either limiting or empowering. They trigger feelings; change them and feel better. First understand how they are formed and then it’s easy to change them. Our beliefs about ourselves are the foundation of everything. External things make me happy, but why not be my own trigger and thus have the choice to stay in happiness Continue reading »

How Do I Strengthen My Willpower?

1. Create an inner space: build your own inner space. First thing in the morning– get up a little bit earlier and spend time experiencing the five colours (peace, love, happiness, truth and purity) that you are made up of. During the day– take a minute every hour to remind yourself of your qualities and Continue reading »

Self-Transformation: Dance Your Own Dance

Spiritual self-transformation is about improving my way of being and doing. To spiritually transform myself is to invest in my future. ***It is important to understand that I can only transform myself, not others. I am the centre of ‘my’ world and others of theirs. I can not control anything outside of myself, only my Continue reading »

The Worry Cure

Why the worry cure? Worry creates the problem that we fear. Fear attracts what we fear. Where does worry come from? Worry comes from the fear of something that happened in the past repeating or from being uncertain that I will be able to handle the future. Often it is connected with a role we Continue reading »

Body Image – I Stand Before You Naked

Who am I? Who is ‘myself’? Q: What is the one thing motivates everything you do? A: Your search for ‘yourself’? Does a little voice telling you that when you find ‘yourself’ you will have found all that you are looking for and be complete, full and happy? So we seek… we chase after our Continue reading »

Happiness Heart Chakra

We need power to protect our core qualities, to be a whole being with peace, love and happiness. No matter how bad I am feeling these qualities are there. We might not be experiencing them because we are busy outside. Meditation helps us to access them. Ask yourself: – How dependent am I on external Continue reading »

Reject ‘Rejection’

So… someone does not like your idea, your painting, your vision or think that you are right for the job etc… Do you accept or reject their rejection? If you accept it… you are accepting discouragement and seeing yourself as they are seeing you. However: a) It is a test: to see how much you Continue reading »

Mastering Your Mind

Are you a slave to your mind? No matter what can you maintain your peace of mind? Does your mind run away with you or are in charge? What kind of mind would you like to have? What kind of thoughts are you creating within your mind? What is your mind seeking? What do you Continue reading »

The 'Internet' Behind My Eyes

Historically we have not studied our inner worlds as we have the external physical world and so lacking a ‘language’ to truly describe our inner experiences we have borrowed words we know, for example, I feel light/heavy. Now we have the Internet. The computer terminal = brain and screen of the mind What have you Continue reading »

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