Worry-less: from worry to peace

What are your worries about? Are they connected to the past, present or future? Naming our worries is the first step on the journey from worry to peace. The second step is to apply the right solution for that particular worry. In doing so we step towards becoming worry-less. What do you worry about? Be Continue reading »

Reframe Problems

How can a problem not be a problem? And be a problem for one person and not another? And a problem one day and not the next? If the situation alone was the problem, wouldn’t it always be a problem and for everyone? As this doesn’t seem to be the case, what specifically turns something Continue reading »

Worry Free Antidotes

Imagine being worry-free. How would you feel? More secure, energised and empowered? Do you think it is possible? Let’s think it through and look at some antidotes to worry. First of all, does worry truly serve any purpose? Does worrying about keeping safe, keep us safer? Has worry ever solved a problem? What does the Continue reading »

Worry Free

Worry. Worry. Worry. By giving worries attention we give them energy, and then before we know it, molehills have become mountains. To become truly free from worry, the trick is, start living from the inside out. How does this work? When you’ve spent time anchoring yourself in your innate qualities of peace, love, happiness and Continue reading »

Mastering Anxiety

At times we all find ourselves feeling anxious. To feel anxious when we attempt something new is natural, it becomes a problem though when it stops us achieving our goals and grows into a feeling that we just don’t seem to be able to shake off. We can distract ourselves for a while by going Continue reading »

The ‘What If…?’ Worry

Do you find yourself saying, “What if…?” all the time? It might be about work, family, bills, rent, mortgages, travel… It is as if our head is in clouds of worries and we are their prisoner. Living a happy and stress-free life may be seem like an unreal dream. First of all, take stock. Look Continue reading »

Worry Not

Are you a worrywart? It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking about ‘bad things and unpleasant scenarios’ that may happen, and then embellish them with so many details! Are you worrying about your job, family, finance, health, relationships and, well, just about everything else? With all these worries, most of us could write Continue reading »

Worry Shifter

Worry- a way of thinking. Imagining the worst. Fast thinking. What if…? Fears. Phobias. Deadlines. Hurry. No time. Caught in ones’ own imagination. Doubt. Wanting. Why? How? From Worry to Confidence: =Make your mind your best friend – Teach the mind to think in a positive way. =Anticipate things going right, e.g. instead of thinking: Continue reading »

No Worries

Sit for one minute of silence. -What was your mind like? -What form did its’ ‘noise’ take? -Were there any worries forming? It is the nature of the mind to think and it has created many wonderful things. When that thinking turns into worry… we need to re-balance. We talk of the 2 sides of Continue reading »

Eternal Sunshine Of A Worry Free Mind

Do you have a worry free mind? Can you imagine what your life would be like if your mind was completely free from all worry? Wouldn’t this be such a gift in life? Then again, if I had no worries would it mean that I had lost sight of reality and that I was living Continue reading »

The Worry Cure

Why the worry cure? Worry creates the problem that we fear. Fear attracts what we fear. Where does worry come from? Worry comes from the fear of something that happened in the past repeating or from being uncertain that I will be able to handle the future. Often it is connected with a role we Continue reading »