Happiness Invalidators

Children know all about being happy. What happens to us as we grow? Where does our happiness go? What clouds our natural contentment, joy and bliss? Why do we end up seeking it here and there? Why when we find it, doesn’t it last? What beliefs do we develop that inhibit our happiness? 1:  “I’ll Continue reading »

Attract Abundance

Press ‘Pause’ Imagine pressing the ‘pause’ button, going within and retrieving whatever positive resource is needed right now. When you’re ready to bring this energy into play and to experience abundance, take your finger off the ‘pause’ button. We already have everything we need We already have everything we need. It is just that we Continue reading »

Going From ‘Not Enough’ to Enough

Do you feel like you never have quite ‘enough’? Enough time, money, opportunities, resources… If so, how can we go from ‘not enough’ to feeling like we have enough or more than enough? The secret is to change our mindset. When we are feeling ‘not enough’ we are focusing on ‘the lack,’ only seeing ‘what Continue reading »

ABC of Balance

We have been looking outside of ourselves to re-create balance in the world. Balance though is actually something that needs first to be found within ourselves- that point of stillness, silence and stability. Held for a moment and observing our mind we see that what is un-balancing us is our thinking, it is taking us Continue reading »

Step Into Your Brilliance

All day we are interacting with each other and thinking about each other… now take time out to look at yourself; putting aside all that you are holding in your head and heart and turning your vision inwards to observe your inner world. Why? – When we go deeply within, having suspended thinking of others Continue reading »

Having Less, Being More

Why do we need so much? Why do we have this inner craving? Do we need to do more to experience more? We might be acquiring things because we can’t be with ourselves. When we have ‘them’ we might become dependent on them. We can never be sure that ‘they’ will stay with us. Then Continue reading »

Listening To The Heart

There are two perspectives on this topic – the psychological and the spiritual. The psychological perspective is about integrating the head and heart energies and achieving internal balance. From a more Eastern esoteric perspective listening to the heart is about transcendence and going beyond. My approach is a combination of what I have experienced in Continue reading »

Encouraging Serendipity & Change

Change happens; make the odds work in your favour “The universe conspires in favour of those who do something, particularly those wanting to do something for a higher purpose. If I desire to do something for the ‘greater good’ I automatically will have the co-operation of a lot of minds and hearts that have the Continue reading »

The Art of Everything

What words are conjured up if you put the word ‘art’ before whatever it is you may be doing? Some examples that were given were: flow, care, joy, creativity, gratitude, energy and enthusiasm. What words come to mind when you remove this word and are just doing? Some examples given were: resistance, laborious, routine, have Continue reading »

Why Resist?

There is one main thing that we resist: the idea of being great. Greatness is the ability to respond things with love by seeing the bigger picture. I am able to forgive and start again. If my sense of self is seated in temporary things, my sense of greatness is compromised. 1. Am I able Continue reading »

How To Want What You Have

There are two dimensions to this. Firstly, recognising what you do have, [internal] and secondly ‘welcoming’ the situations that arise or you find yourself in, both the ones you enjoy and those you would prefer were not happening. [external] 1. What do I already have? – relationships: family and friends and how they enrich your Continue reading »

The Art of Abundance

When you discover what you were born to do, the song you were born to sing, then everything cooperates with you to grow, learn and do and you feel that you are living a life of abundance. To experience a life of abundance focus on: ~ what you have, rather than on what you feel Continue reading »