Make Your Self-Talk Work

Talking something through with yourself helps organise your thoughts, and helps you work things out.  How?  Holding a conversation naturally holds your attention, conversing with yourself enables you to naturally focus your attention on the issue long enough to sort it out. Otherwise like snapchat, our inner chat is easily lost or distracted, with the slightest disturbance Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 2

5 Boosts to Listening 1. A Clear Mind. If our mind is full of past impressions of someone or an event, whatever we hear, it is as if we are writing on top of somethingalready written. To truly listen we need a ‘clean’ mind. A clean mind is a clear and less self-absorbed mind. It is Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 1

Experts tell us that 60% of effective communication rests on our ability to listen.  How good are your listening skills really? And why does listening play such a big part in our ability to communicate effectively? Our ability to listen relates directly to our capacity to understand each other. Understanding is essential if we want to Continue reading »

Communicate with Confidence

Communicating with confidence is being able to express yourself and articulate how you feel, positive or negative, in a respectful and loving manner.  A tall order?  Not if your communication is grounded in a healthy self-confidence, which is built on self-esteem and self-respect.  When there is fear of judgment or embarrassment you won’t be able Continue reading »

The Art of Conversation

We’ve all met someone who has the knack of creating a good conversation. They’re able to talk with ease about anything in a relaxed and interested manner. We know the difference between them and the interrupter, the over-sharer, the one that goes on and on, the one-upper or the one who asks deeply personal questions Continue reading »

Stop Yapping. Start Communicating.

“Yap yap, you’re talkin’ too much, mmm yes far too much… you know you talk too much yeah yap, yap, yap, its driving me down…” – ‘Yap Yap’ by Keith Richards Are you guilty of talking too much? Are you communicating? Are you long winded when you speak? Why? Sometimes it’s because we’re nervous or Continue reading »

Are You Being too Vague?

Welcome to the wonderful world of vague communication! Here’s where we speak in vague generalities. At times we are intentionally vague. It’s just easier to ‘small talk’ in a friendly way. It saves time in a conversation. It also stops people interfering in our life. Believe me, some people can be so inquisitive, wanting to Continue reading »

Quit The Quibble

Quibble, Quibble, Quibble…To quibble is to find fault, argue or bicker over unnecessary details. Quibble over the small stuff and the important stuff might get forgotten or left un-dealt with, all because attention gets diverted from the larger and deeper problems. So is quibbling useful or is it just a waste of time and energy? Continue reading »

Being Truthful

Part of the challenge in being honest is to understand who the “I” that is talking right now is. Shall I tell the truth and be truthful? First ask yourself: What my purpose in doing so? What am I trying to achieve? What are my true motives? What is the truth? Should I be truthful? Continue reading »

Change: Be Part Of It

Would you actually like it if things never changed? Isn’t it rather the accelerated speed of change that we are experiencing today and its unpredictability that leaves us feeling that we want to put the foot-break on. It feels like ‘what will happen next!’ Everything (climate, economy, families) seems to be going haywire. Change that Continue reading »

Power of Listening

When I am listening it is my heart that hears; hearing I understand. A management trainer gave the following exercise to 100 people. He asked them to draw a diagonal line across a blank piece of paper and write their name at either end. He repeated this instruction twice and then collected the pieces of Continue reading »

5 Skills of Listening

Why is listening important, beneficial? Without proper listening there can be miscommunication. Not listening properly has many repercussions and wastes time and energy. Enemies of listening: rushing and deadlines, being too rule-conscious, and coming too much from the head and not the heart. Good listening is when you: – Listen with love and interest, with Continue reading »