Stress Free

Life is generally pretty hectic these days; there’s a bit of worry, a bit of stress. Some might say a bit is good and even useful as in the short-term it seems to gets things done, only in the long term it is taking its toll on our energy, health and emotional well-being. So how Continue reading »


Meditation centres are lovely havens with a unique atmosphere… but life is hard work. There is and can be a lot of stress. To de-stress: think positively. “I am peaceful”. Think angry thoughts and feel peaceful! – That’s not going to happen. You say, “I’m angry” and you start to feel it and the tension Continue reading »

Time For You: Secrets for Beating Stress

Stress isn’t out there; it is about my ability to cope with something. To beat stress I need to build my self esteem. We get addicted to others’ approval and we don’t see ourselves as important. I am the most important person in my life. I will make time for myself if I think I Continue reading »

De-Stress Life

Stress, why do we feel it? – Being stuck in the past (“don’t let the past be a pest”). It is good to learn from the past so to avoid making the same mistake again, but not get stuck there. – Not being able to make a decision. – Focusing on what we lack instead Continue reading »