Develop Your Intuition

Does intuition exist? What is it? How can we strengthen it? There is the physical world we perceive through our five senses and then there is our inner world of thoughts, feelings and hopes. We don’t ‘see’ these, yet, would you agree, they definitely exist? What about the conscience? Is its’ bite not real? It Continue reading »

The Art of Intuition

We can all pick up on others moods, especially if it’s someone we know well. At some point too we have all probably felt unsure about someone, what they were saying just didn’t ‘feel’ right. Intuition is an ‘inner knowing’ that isn’t necessarily logical or rational. At its deepest level, it is to know the Continue reading »

Creating Synchronicity

Living in synchronicity means… to be in the flow and find life to be full of magic moments, wonder and enjoyment. Synchronicity is about allowing things to happen, rather than labouring hard to make things happen. Stop and feel ‘How is my life?’ Choose to Invest in ‘You’ First of all begin investing in ‘you’, Continue reading »

Trust Your Gut: Intuition

We can enlist our intuition to lead us to know and express our highest potential, to discover our own personal values and to show us how to live in harmony with the laws of the universe. It is always pro personal growth and pro benefit. What is Intuition? Intuition is our own inner guide. It Continue reading »

The Voice of Intuition

We are wise, only we have become disconnected from our wisdom. Intuition connects us to our inner wisdom. The voice of intuition is the voice that is aligned with the universal laws; it is the voice of the soul; it is the creative voice of your being; it is the voice of our authentic self Continue reading »


Three Intelligences: Rational Intelligence (IQ). This intelligence deals in information and data and it’s processing. We use it to think, memorize, analyse, plan, solve… It ‘sees’ what is in front of it (through 5 senses) Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This intelligence deals in feelings, emotions and relationships. We use it to catch other’s feelings, empathise, express Continue reading »

The Synchronicity Factor

Synchronicity: a flow of events that are meaningful to me and so are magical. Synchronicity is in fact always there in our lives, it is just that we do not always experience it. Not ‘seeing’ it we ask, ‘Why is this happening?’ – be it something we would describe as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ When there Continue reading »

Intuition in Action

Have you ever thought: what stops our intuition? Well, the general answer has always been, what we believe about ourselves is what prevents us from touching base with our intuition or even our gut feeling. So then, what prevents us from being creative or implementing new ideas? Well, if you really look deep into the Continue reading »

Everyday Intuition: How Do I Feel?

Imagine you are in a big theatre. In this theatre there is just one seat in the middle of the room. It is facing the stage. You are sitting on this seat. It is a beautiful theatre. It is very comfortable sitting there in your seat. You are looking at a big screen up on Continue reading »

Everyday Intuition

Intuition: to know something for no reason at all. To be intuitive you need to be in touch with the intuitive you: To be intuitive there are three essentials: Step 1- Get in touch with you. Step 2- Be in the present. Step 3- Be clear. {I.e. every moment leaves its impression on us and Continue reading »

Intuition & Creativity

A child plays, discovers, becomes creative with what it discovers and then its intuition shows it what is possible… what to do. What is the difference between insight, instinct and intuition? *An insight: something that becomes apparent to me on the screen of my mind. *To act on instinct: something I do that is connected Continue reading »


What is intuition? The word ‘intuition’ has its root in the Latin word that means: to see within. We each have our own ‘blueprint and moments of intuition/lucidity are times when we are in connection with our own ‘blueprint’. An intuition may be a feeling, a symbol, a picture or words. It is in fact Continue reading »