Forgiveness Perspectives

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”  Nelson Mandela Forgiveness renews. It free us from the past, opens us to truth, and reconnects us with the original peace, love, joy and Continue reading »

The Power of Living in the Now

How present are you to this moment? Are you experiencing it? Are you 10% or 100% here? Is the past pulling you? Are you lost in hopes for the future? The power to heal the past, change and create new tomorrows all lie in the present moment. It is the power of living in the Continue reading »

Celebrate the Differences

Are you ready to turn misunderstanding and fear into a celebration of life with complete abandonment, at its fullest?  Do you dare?  Would you like to?  Here are four benefits of celebrating the differences. You become a better communicator.  You listen attentively, rather assuming or second guessing what some may say or mean all because Continue reading »

Hello world!

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What causes anger?

Cause of anger: Expectations, possessiveness, emptiness inside. Measure of anger: Irritation and frustration are the indication… I am not getting what I want. Realize: I have become dependent on something external to me and so vulnerable to anger. Learning to control It’s powerful to know that you have a choice. S- Stand back: when you Continue reading »


As is your vision, so is the world for you. If I have the vision “Everything is as it should be,” then there are no mistakes. To get all these four- seeing, feeling, thinking and doing- into alignment: Be proactive. Act when there’s need. Don’t stop to think because when there’s doubt – questioning – Continue reading »

Living Outside the Box

We may think outside the box, but are we actually living outside of it, dreaming that we are living outside of it or choosing to live within it? What is this box?The box most of us find ourselves living in is the one of our past. We know we are in it whenever we feel Continue reading »

Freedom from Worry

Our thoughts: Our thoughts shape our lives. Our thoughts create our feelings and so our day. Our thoughts are our one constant companion, sometimes coming to us as our friends and at other times as our enemy. When they come as friends we feel light and free and when as our enemy heavy and trapped. Continue reading »