Sense and Spirituality

Spirituality is life. It is practical, grounded, real and sensible. It is about living in such a way that I bring happiness to myself and others. It is about doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time so that there is benefit for all. This is more than just about pleasing Continue reading »

Karma Connections

What is Karma? The word ‘karma’ means ‘action’. What is the Law of Karma? As there are laws by which nature is governed so there are also equivalent spiritual laws. Newton’s third law of motion or of reciprocal actions says: For every force there is an equal, but opposite, force. The Law of Karma says: Continue reading »

Law of Attraction: Part Three

The law of attraction says: what one puts out is what one will attract back, simply meaning I get back what I put out. What we give out is what comes back to us: – When you do something in the spirit of love -as you see the need and there is no other motive- Continue reading »

Ego – Calmer Karma III of III

Q: So the ego is foreign to our true selves. What is the definition of ego? A: The model we’re working with here is that I am the being behind this body, that I am the soul. When I define myself as being something other than first the soul I create a false identity (ego) Continue reading »

Calmer Karma I of III

Karma means slightly different things to different people. It’s a very deep philosophy that exists in a number of religions and spiritual groups around the world. Karma means the law of action, the law of cause and effect or ‘as we sow so shall we reap’. “Pride comes before a fall” Let us take a Continue reading »

Thoughts on Karma and Rebirth

How do I know there’s rebirth? – one’s own dreams/thoughts – profound awareness – memories – regressions – NDE: near-death experience – direct recall – teachings from the other cultures Spirituality is about awareness. – Rather than labelling people, I understand that the soul is trapped in a negative mind set because of its wrong Continue reading »

Karma and Reincarnation

Karma: action. Actions begin as thoughts and behind them there are intentions and feelings. Reincarnation: rebirth (of the conscience, the energy, the soul). Karma is like a letter that you send and the address is yours. Everything that is happening to me now is something that I put into motion an hour, a month, a Continue reading »