The Detached Observer

Creative Visualisation: Using this commentary, become detached from the world around you. Experience yourself completely free from everything and just in the experience of complete peace and calmness, enjoy! Imagine that you are sitting in your own personal and private cinema… You are sitting in a very comfortable seat… There is just you and you Continue reading »

Without Blame

“The greatest truth that I have learnt is that no one has done any wrong to me. When I think they have it as if I am drinking poison. Meditation allows me to see both my strengths and my weaknesses. Seeing I stop the blame and the judging and instead choose to educate myself appropriately. Continue reading »

Meditation Any Time Of The Day

“City people, perhaps more than any others, need a good relaxation and meditation practice to keep focused and happy.” A key to healthy stress management is asking yourself during the day: “How do I feel?” Using this technique, a simple meditation you can do anytime of day – on the bus or train to and Continue reading »

Heal The World

Stepping inwards is an opportunity to become aware that ‘who I am’ is peace, love, power, truth and happiness. I do not need anyone or anything or to be anywhere in particular to experience these states of being. First sustain who you are- then everything else will become very easy. We can incorporate these qualities Continue reading »

Refresh Yourself

It is important not to hate the self or to dislike the self. The parts of ourselves that we do not like we can actually use as entry points to go deeper into the self. What are their opposites? The opposite was your original quality, only it has now become its opposite due to forgetting Continue reading »

Gifts of Meditation

Each of us is a completely unique form of energy. Meditation re-energizes us and gives us the opportunity to shine. There is the image of the timeless yogi; never reacting, always serving and giving to others. Their every breath has meaning. -To know the value of everything and of everything you do. What you value Continue reading »

Unleash Your Potential: Commentary

Unleashing potential isn’t about the job, relationship, house or position. It is about feeling fulfilled, joyful, that every moment is new, ready in every moment for whatever life delivers to you and that you are able to respond to whatever that may be. It isn’t about controlling anything. It is about finding your core and Continue reading »

Smart Abundance: Commentary

Step into this meditation and allow yourself to turn within and experience complete abundance and calmness in the space of 5 minutes. Relax, step inside… into that inner space. Let go of all your issues, agendas, plans and concerns. Let yourself experience the subtle and pure vibration of silence, of peace. Be centred in this Continue reading »

Being Too Busy: Commentary

Allow your body to become still. Take a deep breath and let the oxygen energize every cell of your body. Then breathe out any tension. Allow yourself to become present. Put a full stop to the past. It has gone. It has finished. Then the future, it hasn’t happened yet. Reality is now, in the Continue reading »

Inside The Mind Of A Yogi

Q: How do you become a yogi? It begins with the question, ‘Who am I?’ and then moves to the second question, ‘What belongs to me?’ ‘Who am I?’ – I am a spiritual being. I am in a physical body but I am not this physical body. ‘What belongs to me?’ – As a Continue reading »

How To – Of Meditation

Meditation and thoughts. Have you considered where they come from? Sit and watch them for a while, generally what you will see is how they are connected to our emotions and feelings. Our thoughts are arising from these. When you have a sense of well-being and are feeling comfortable with yourself notice how your emotions Continue reading »