Acceptance of What is – Love What Is

Acceptance is a free choice, it gives you a sense of freedom and brings you closer to the truth.

There are 3 aspects of acceptance: self-acceptance, acceptance of others and accepting the unacceptable.

Self-Acceptance {no-one will accept you if you don’t first accept yourself.}
1. Make friends with yourself. Obstacle – we identify ourselves with the roles we play rather than with the being who is playing those roles. So, if a role (e.g. mother, friend, manager) is going well we feel great and successful. However, if the role is not going so well we feel that we are useless and a failure. *We are not the roles we play, become detached from the roles you play and then whether the script for that role entails success or failure is neither here nor there as your value is no longer wrapped up in that role.

2. How are you Googling your memory? Every single moment is recorded in our memory. The mind works like Google, like a search engine, with our memories being the databank that is being searched. The words you put in return the memories with those words in them. So if you type in: depressed, lonely, unhappy, etc. more and more of these memories are retrieved and this is what you experience. *You can choose what you Google though! Maybe try Googling: happy, peaceful, powerful, etc instead?

3. Develop Self-Respect as this leads to self-acceptance.
a) I can’t be you, nor you me. Each of us has a unique and special role, *begin to respect the role that you are playing and play it with love.
b) *Don’t compare yourself with anyone as this kills self-respect.
c) *Identify and value your speciality and then begin to use it. Everyone has one, it is just that we are not all aware of what it is.
d) Neither over or under estimate yourself *knowing that the talents that you have are special gifts to be used for the benefit of you and all.

Acceptance of Others
Why? – We all live in relationship with others and accepting each other as we are brings harmony into those relationships. Obstacle -the ‘files’ that we keep on each other. When someone appears in front of us we immediately Google them and retrieve their file. We then adopt an attitude to them based on this image, negative or positive. We tend to hold to this image over time even if they change we don’t see that change. However, if you value that relationship and desire harmony in your relationships (particularly say with your family) what do you do if that image is negative? *Yes, see the spade as a spade and if you need to protect yourself in any way do so. *However, then search for that 1 brilliant thing about them and Google it again and again and close the chapter on what has happened and forget it. It is an act of love to accept others with all their weaknesses and strengths.

Accepting the Unacceptable
Know that all problems come for a reason and that accepting them is in fact part of the solution. When we oppose any problem it becomes bigger. *When we accept it we are able to see why it has come and how it will go away. If something good happens do you ask: why has this happened? No, we only ask this when something we dislike happens.

1. *Focus on finding a solution, not the problem. If a pipe bursts what do you do? Ask why has it burst or act to stop the leak as fast as you can?
2. *When you don’t know what to do – do nothing.
3. *If one approach doesn’t work try another
4. *When there is no light at the end of the tunnel arm yourself with faith and courage. The faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you don’t see it, and the courage to think: it will be okay, everything will work out for the best, there is a solution and it will happen. Faith and courage in our thoughts work miracles.
5. *Know that the only thing you have control over is yourself, not other people or situations.

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