Beating Anger

Anger is a form of violence. It is a negative energy. We are actually positive and powerful beings and anger is the enemy of our natural state.

When there is conflict within me, the signal is pain. It is telling me that there’s something that needs to be resolved physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I need to act on this, track it back and understand it.

Anger comes because:
1. I identify myself with the feelings of fear and desire, I am afraid of losing something.
2. I can’t control change, and I am trying to do just this.

To channel this negative energy:
1. Make a commitment to transform it.
2. Take responsibility and recognise: “If I am getting angry then the problem lies with me”. Our consciousness creates our world.
3. First be detached and learn to observe:
– your behaviour
– life, watch life as a game of completing not competing

Outcome: you understand yourself and others better and so you are able to act with empathy and humility, not with conflict or ego.

Outcome: because you are acting and not reacting you save so much energy, you gain a sense of control and success and love and respect come back to you in life

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