How Do I Love Me?

A. What stops me from loving myself?
The first thing that stops us from loving ourselves is self-rejection.

Check: How often do I reject myself?
Every time I reject myself I prevent myself from taking action and growing, for this I need to acknowledge and accept myself first.

B. What is self love based on?
Self love is based on two things:

Acknowledgment of the self
Approval of the self.

C. How can I start loving myself?
1. Be grounded in knowing:

– who you are
– what you are living for.
2. Practice this equation for self love (value + love + respect) in your life:
Value of my dignity + love and respect for my body, mind, feelings and emotions + respond with respect.

How do I use this formula practically in my life?
1. Value your truth, priorities, time and energy.

2. Acknowledge and process the feelings and the emotions that come into your mind. Let there be acceptance and honesty, not denial.
3. Be focused and attentive then your mind can stay free from tension. You pick: tension or attention. When there’s tension your heart shrinks.
4. If you do these 3 steps you will find that you are able to respond to situations rather than react and then there won’t be regret or excuses and you will be able to listen new ideas and suggestions rather than react

D. What is the outcome of this equation?
Growth and gratitude, it allows me to enjoy the current moment. There’s a sense of abundance and limitlessness.

E. How can I nurture this attitude?
1. Keep a “gratitude journal”, write five things that you are grateful for every day.

2. If you are given a lemon, something sour, make lemonade out of it, i.e. make something useful out of it.

Try this and you will find that you will begin to enjoy life so much and find solutions to everything. That is love.

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