The Power of Living in the Now


How present are you to this moment? Are you experiencing it? Are you 10% or 100% here? Is the past pulling you? Are you lost in hopes for the future? The power to heal the past, change and create new tomorrows all lie in the present moment. It is the power of living in the Now.

In the Now we can experience a sense of stillness and calm and of time having stopped.

In the Now we find there is no rush, overwhelm or hurry.

In the Now we find there is no boredom, frustration or worry.

In the Now and can find ourselves feeling peaceful, loving or happy for no apparent reason.

In the Now we can choose to learn and grow through the tougher moments.

In the Now we can choose to find the silver-lining in whatever scene we are in.

In the Now we can plant the seeds for our tomorrow.

In the Now we naturally become more and more authentic.

In the Now every moment becomes an opportunity and a blessing.

In the Now we come to understand that every second is precious and good.

There is clock time and then there is enjoying time or living in the Now. Organizing our time is very useful, but efficiency doesn’t mean we feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Why is this? Because of the thoughts-time connection. Our thoughts determine how we experience time.  To experience ‘Now’ our thinking has to be in the Now.

Three Tips

Choose to be in the moment.  There will always be things happening: a hectic job, children wanting attention, interruptions, digital distractions…they all tumble in on us. That we can’t change. What we are able to change, though, is how we handle it all. We can choose to be in moment. When we do, we just focus on what requires our attention now and stop trying to do ten things at once. In the Now it becomes just one thing at a time. So when we are interrupted, instead of stressing out, we give our attention to the interruption and then go back to the task we were doing. We are then able to appreciate the gift of the interruption, be it our child or friend or a stranger.

Keep practising. When you find you have wondered off into the past, future or multi-tasking just bring yourself back to the Now. In this way we re-wire our mind and brain to stay more and more in the now. Just keep bringing yourself back to focusing on what you are doing right now. Notice and appreciate the little things, the sounds, the colours, a smile, a thought… If your mind wonders off again, bring it back again. Give your mind the task of finding the gift or opportunity in this Now.

Meditation. Set aside ten minutes a day to sit quietly and focus on one of your inner qualities, such as, peace or love or joy. Meditation helps us shift our awareness, improve the quality of our thoughts and our present moment experience.

To value Now is to value life. To value life is to value our experiences. The more we value our experiences, the more we want to make them positive ones. This calls on us to live in the Now.

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