Loving Life

Imagine waking-up every day feeling enthusiastic about what the day might hold. Imagine loving every moment of every day, no matter what’s going on. Is it possible? Life is for happiness, learning and giving. When we are aligned to these, life flows. So, how can we increase the feeling of loving life? The answer lies Continue reading »

Introversion: The Quiet SuperPower

In a world full of uncertainty, change and shifting fortunes, where can we find solid ground? What, if anything, can keep us buoyant when we find ourselves in the midst of raging storms? Is there a way that we can even turn things around? When everything seems to be falling apart, our solid ground, buoyancy Continue reading »

Reframe Problems

How can a problem not be a problem? And be a problem for one person and not another? And a problem one day and not the next? If the situation alone was the problem, wouldn’t it always be a problem and for everyone? As this doesn’t seem to be the case, what specifically turns something Continue reading »

100 Words of Wisdom, part 4

Here is part 4 of the 100 Words of Wisdom from Dadi Janki. Make a difference to the world, but not at the expense of yourself. Be a star and sparkle light into the whole world. Explore the five virtues of love, respect, truth, humility and unity. Base your life on these five. Sit peacefully. Continue reading »

100 Words of Wisdom, part 3

Here is part 3 of the 100 Words of Wisdom from Dadi Janki. Stay in your self respect and give respect. Stop looking around and negatively commenting on what others are doing. Understand: we’re all different and we all have different roles to play. Be like a lotus flower. It takes what is useful and does Continue reading »

100 Words of Wisdom, part 2

Here is part 2 of the 100 Words of Wisdom from Dadi Janki. I don’t have the consciousness that “I am an Indian”. I belong to the world. I am a global citizen. People ask me, “Where do you get all your energy from?” Energy comes from my own spirituality, my connection with God, and Continue reading »

100 Words of Wisdom, part 1

Over the next few blogs we’ll be sharing 100 Words of Wisdom from Dadi Janki.  On the face of it, the words are simple. Yet her wisdom is timeless and practical. If you hold the words in your mind and heart, they are sure to add something different to your life. Apply the 3 ‘P’ Continue reading »

Making A Difference?

Almost every day, images of suffering, war and violence flash across our TV screens. Inside we maybe feel sad, angry, fearful or numb. We may feel that we want to help, yet find ourselves at a loss to know what we can do. We are then left feeling even more distressed, hopeless and powerless. These Continue reading »

4 Ways to Successful Relationships

In relationships we exchange qualities, energy and inspirations. Each relationship has its own context and related responsibilities. So, what is it that makes for win-win relationships all round? Here are four aspects of successful relationships.   Interdependency Interdependency creates win-win relationships. In interdependency everyone adds to what is being created. They are give-give relationships. Co-dependent Continue reading »

Worry Free Antidotes

Imagine being worry-free. How would you feel? More secure, energised and empowered? Do you think it is possible? Let’s think it through and look at some antidotes to worry. First of all, does worry truly serve any purpose? Does worrying about keeping safe, keep us safer? Has worry ever solved a problem? What does the Continue reading »

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