4 Ways to Successful Relationships

In relationships we exchange qualities, energy and inspirations. Each relationship has its own context and related responsibilities. So, what is it that makes for win-win relationships all round? Here are four aspects of successful relationships.   Interdependency Interdependency creates win-win relationships. In interdependency everyone adds to what is being created. They are give-give relationships. Co-dependent Continue reading »

Worry Free Antidotes

Imagine being worry-free. How would you feel? More secure, energised and empowered? Do you think it is possible? Let’s think it through and look at some antidotes to worry. First of all, does worry truly serve any purpose? Does worrying about keeping safe, keep us safer? Has worry ever solved a problem? What does the Continue reading »

Mistakes or Mis(s)-Takes?

Who hasn’t made a mistake? What’s important is how you react when you realise you’ve made a mistake. Do you kick yourself? Do you say, ‘I’m an idiot’? Do you feel disappointed or annoyed with yourself? Do you feel that you have missed a great opportunity? What if mistakes were in fact miss-takes? What if Continue reading »

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is our status quo or set point. It’s where we stick to doing things that we consider are within our abilities and skills. We are in a familiar territory. It feels ‘safe.’ So, why would we want to expand it? Well, do you find yourself getting bored, stuck in a rut or Continue reading »

The Mood Gym

Create a happier and more stable mood Here are some of our thoughts behind a good mood gym workout. Where we can we keep our moods happy, real and motivated? After all, we all want to be happier, not just sometimes, but always, right?  This means we’re free from reacting to things around us because Continue reading »

Being Part of a Team

Working in a team can be great fun, you feel part of something bigger, accomplish more, learn new skills from others and even learn a lot about yourself. Yet teamwork can also be challenging, as it can mean working with people with very different personalities and perspectives. It doesn’t matter if you’re a team leader Continue reading »

Develop Your Intuition

Does intuition exist? What is it? How can we strengthen it? There is the physical world we perceive through our five senses and then there is our inner world of thoughts, feelings and hopes. We don’t ‘see’ these, yet, would you agree, they definitely exist? What about the conscience? Is its’ bite not real? It Continue reading »

Manage Your Energy

Sometimes life seems like a Formula One race, with lots of short sprints calling on us to give it our all. At other times a steadier and longer-lasting pace may be what is needed. In either case, there are some universal energy management principles we can use to ensure that we don’t wake up one Continue reading »

Think, Now Think Again

It’s time to put our thinking under the magnifying glass.  Why? Everything is affected by our thinking. If our thinking is in confusion or negative how can we have peace of mind?  So, how aware are you of your thoughts, your tone of thinking and what influences your thinking tone? Here are some questions to Continue reading »

Do You Ever Get Angry?

What do you do when you get angry? Neither lashing out or suppressing anger are ideal. Either way, we and others end up suffering. So, is there a third way? Let’s explore anger a little more. Have you thought about what makes you angry? Injustice? Threats? Disappointments? Things not going your way? Things not being Continue reading »

Making Changes Easier

Sometimes we look for change, welcoming it into our lives and at other times we don’t want things to change. However, to resist change is like trying to hold back a river. We can dam it for a while, but not forever and in the meantime we have exhausted ourselves trying to hold it back. Continue reading »

Tips For Creating Serenity

Four tips to create serenity, that serves to anchor us, in the midst of whatever storms and upheavals may come our way. Tip 1: Introduce 10 Second ‘Stop’ Breaks. We rush, rush, rush…. and by the end of the day we are exhausted. Stop breaks allow us to relax, recharge and refresh our minds so Continue reading »

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