Think, Now Think Again

It’s time to put our thinking under the magnifying glass.  Why? Everything is affected by our thinking. If our thinking is in confusion or negative how can we have peace of mind?  So, how aware are you of your thoughts, your tone of thinking and what influences your thinking tone? Here are some questions to Continue reading »

Do You Ever Get Angry?

What do you do when you get angry? Neither lashing out or suppressing anger are ideal. Either way, we and others end up suffering. So, is there a third way? Let’s explore anger a little more. Have you thought about what makes you angry? Injustice? Threats? Disappointments? Things not going your way? Things not being Continue reading »

Making Changes Easier

Sometimes we look for change, welcoming it into our lives and at other times we don’t want things to change. However, to resist change is like trying to hold back a river. We can dam it for a while, but not forever and in the meantime we have exhausted ourselves trying to hold it back. Continue reading »

Tips For Creating Serenity

Four tips to create serenity, that serves to anchor us, in the midst of whatever storms and upheavals may come our way. Tip 1: Introduce 10 Second ‘Stop’ Breaks. We rush, rush, rush…. and by the end of the day we are exhausted. Stop breaks allow us to relax, recharge and refresh our minds so Continue reading »

A Calm Mind, A Serene Mind

What is the opposite to a calm and serene mind? A dissatisfied mind. A needy mind. One with a negative inner world. In contrast, the serene mind is a contented mind. A mind full of appreciation and gratitude. A mind that knows that it is fulfilling its potential. A mind that is filled with wisdom Continue reading »

Mindfully Emotional

No matter what our belief, our faith or our political standing may be, we can still get along with everyone.  It’s quite a tall order to ask from ourselves, and yet it’s not only possible, but essential, if we want to make our lives meaningful and leave an impact.  All it requires from us is Continue reading »

Upgrade Yourself

Upgrades are great, they keep us up-to-date, add new features and improve functionality. We all want the latest computer upgrades. How about ourselves? What upgrade are you on? What mindset, attitude, outlook or programmes are you currently running?  Can you go up a notch? Are there any bugs that need fixing? Any new functionality needed?  Continue reading »

People Code: A Change of Focus

The PEOPLE CODE is 10 check points to help us change our focus, so that we take back the reigns of how we feel into our own hands. When we do, our relationships naturally become more loving, supportive and fun. P: People-Pleasing. Are you doing this? It can lead to burn out or force us Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 2

5 Boosts to Listening 1. A Clear Mind. If our mind is full of past impressions of someone or an event, whatever we hear, it is as if we are writing on top of somethingalready written. To truly listen we need a ‘clean’ mind. A clean mind is a clear and less self-absorbed mind. It is Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 1

Experts tell us that 60% of effective communication rests on our ability to listen.  How good are your listening skills really? And why does listening play such a big part in our ability to communicate effectively? Our ability to listen relates directly to our capacity to understand each other. Understanding is essential if we want to Continue reading »

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