Dare To: Live, Act, and Be Happy

Dare to be happy and share happiness.
To dare to live is to dare to act. It is to dare to become a conscious actor. It is to dare to know, experience and share ones positivity with the world. It is underpinned by the understanding of how our actions truly influence our happiness. We can then use this secret to help ourselves and others. We can dare to be happy and share happiness.

The secret in our actions? It is simply that every action we preform has an effect on us and ‘out’ there. Have you noticed this? If not, for a day become an observer of your actions and notice the impact that they have on you as well as ‘out’ there. Note if your actions make you feel happy, or not so happy. What happens if you choose to act differently than you usually do?

As we become more and more aware of how our actions impact how we feel and ‘out’ there, we open up our choices. New possibilities present themselves. We give ourselves the opportunity to dare to be conscious actors. To learn how to be happy and share happiness. To dare to understand the value of our everyday actions and of imbuing them with our natural positivity and gifts. This is also known as bringing ‘the spirit of service’ into our actions.

When there isn’t ‘the spirit of service’ in our actions, even though we attain our goals, we are left with a feeling of discontentment. When there is ‘the spirit of service’ filling our actions we experience contentment. We see the wonder of life, and of our own life. We see that, even in our day to day routine, we can make a positive difference to our own and others’ lives.

First, increase your own inner store of happiness. There are 3 aspects to this. One is to ruminate on happy not negative memories. Two, practice gratitude on a daily basis. Notice and log the everyday beauty, goodness and kindnesses. Three, get to know the ‘real’ you. The real you is your innate positivity that wants to express itself and be shared with the world.

Secondly, experiment with bringing ‘the spirit of service’ into your thoughts and actions. This doesn’t mean racing out to save the world… it means things like a kind wish for yourself or another, giving someone the benefit of the doubt when they make a mistake, offering someone your seat on the bus or offering to make someone a cup of tea.

The purpose of life is to know and share our gifts. In doing so we receive blessings and our happiness increases. It is to realise the self, explore our inner qualities and learn to infuse our actions with them. When we do we are really daring to live and know the wonder of life.

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