A Calm Mind, A Serene Mind

What is the opposite to a calm and serene mind? A dissatisfied mind. A needy mind. One with a negative inner world. In contrast, the serene mind is a contented mind. A mind full of appreciation and gratitude. A mind that knows that it is fulfilling its potential. A mind that is filled with wisdom Continue reading »

Mindfully Emotional

No matter what our belief, our faith or our political standing may be, we can still get along with everyone.  It’s quite a tall order to ask from ourselves, and yet it’s not only possible, but essential, if we want to make our lives meaningful and leave an impact.  All it requires from us is Continue reading »

Upgrade Yourself

Upgrades are great, they keep us up-to-date, add new features and improve functionality. We all want the latest computer upgrades. How about ourselves? What upgrade are you on? What mindset, attitude, outlook or programmes are you currently running?  Can you go up a notch? Are there any bugs that need fixing? Any new functionality needed?  Continue reading »

People Code: A Change of Focus

The PEOPLE CODE is 10 check points to help us change our focus, so that we take back the reigns of how we feel into our own hands. When we do, our relationships naturally become more loving, supportive and fun. P: People-Pleasing. Are you doing this? It can lead to burn out or force us Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 2

5 Boosts to Listening 1. A Clear Mind. If our mind is full of past impressions of someone or an event, whatever we hear, it is as if we are writing on top of somethingalready written. To truly listen we need a ‘clean’ mind. A clean mind is a clear and less self-absorbed mind. It is Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 1

Experts tell us that 60% of effective communication rests on our ability to listen.  How good are your listening skills really? And why does listening play such a big part in our ability to communicate effectively? Our ability to listen relates directly to our capacity to understand each other. Understanding is essential if we want to Continue reading »

Be Empowered

Do you ever find yourself going from feeling great to overwhelmed in an instant? At times do things seem impossible or beyond your capacity to handle? Do you feel challenged daily and that you are only just managing to get by? In order to flourish, amidst all of today’s challenges, inner empowerment is essential. What Continue reading »

Forgiving Ourselves

Why forgive? To forgive is to let go of the emotions of fear, sorrow and animosity that otherwise hold us captive, and negatively influence our behaviour. Forgiveness allows us to grow, move on and stop repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again. The path to freedom is, in fact, studded with moments Continue reading »

The Gratitude Boost

Recall a time when you felt grateful, how did you feel?  Did it change your day and how you interacted with others? More and more scientific research is uncovering the mind-body link in which our thoughts can impact our health and well-being. When we feel grateful our spirits naturally rise. So, when your spirits begin Continue reading »

Do You Adjust?

Change requires adjustment.  Adjustment of ideas, approaches and sometimes even of heart, but not of hope, values or necessarily vision. Change makes us re-look at what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and where we really want to be. It is life’s way of asking us, ‘Are you sure? Are you really sure of what Continue reading »

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