Mistakes or Mis(s)-Takes?


Who hasn’t made a mistake? What’s important is how you react when you realise you’ve made a mistake. Do you kick yourself? Do you say, ‘I’m an idiot’? Do you feel disappointed or annoyed with yourself? Do you feel that you have missed a great opportunity?

What if mistakes were in fact miss-takes? What if in every miss-take there is a gift? The thing is that when we are so busy beating ourselves up, blaming and regretting, we can’t see the misstake? What if the real mistake we’re making is to miss the gift hidden in the mistake?

Re-take Mistakes

Re-take 1 – What is the opportunity here? When we are focusing on what went ‘wrong’ we are blind to seeing the opportunity. We need to take a deep breathe, put a full-stop to our stream of thought and allow the gift to emerge. Good questions to ask are: What can I learn from this? What is the benefit in this? What is the pearl in this?

Re-take 2 – It was just a dress-rehearsal. How many times does a play get rehearsed before the first night? How many times is a film scene re-taken before everyone is happy with it? It was a just rehearsal, and next time I will know how to play it better. When we stop blaming and start playing, we can move on strengthened from our mistakes.

Re-take 3 – What does this tell me or show me about myself? Mistakes also can be slips that are revealing our true selves to us. Is this who I am, or am I being who others told me to be? Am I being shown a negative belief that I have picked up about myself, so that I can remove it and move forward? Did I make that mistake because it wasn’t aligned with my true nature?

A Mistakes to Miss-takes Mind-Set

1- Slow down. The more we rush, the more reactive we are and the more we get entangled in the mistake. When we slow down we can be more mindful, objective and responsive.

2- Be honest with yourself. Understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn, to let go of negative beliefs and habits, and to know ourselves more deeply. We all have so many influences working on us, for example, culture, country, labels and beliefs. We may feel that we don’t really know who we are. We may feel unfulfilled. Inner well-being is about re-connecting with our positive qualities and values and allowing them to start to flow naturally. It begins with being honest with ourselves.

3- Move into a new way of thinking. The old way is judgemental, critical and blaming. It creates regret. The new way is compassionate and allows space for our own inner wisdom to emerge.

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  1. I see mistakes as stepping stones to wisdom. As long as you contemplate now and again you will always learn from your mistakes. I probably talk more about my mistakes than what I have done good at, as I am so keen to rectify anything that I think I have done wrong, hoping that I can become a better person and also hoping that I will find less friction in life and more success, however you define that. It is healthy to examine yourself now and again as long as you do not overdo it, as that would be another sort of mistake 🙂

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