100 Words of Wisdom, part 4

Here is part 4 of the 100 Words of Wisdom from Dadi Janki.

  1. Make a difference to the world, but not at the expense of yourself. Be a star and sparkle light into the whole world.
  2. Explore the five virtues of love, respect, truth, humility and unity. Base your life on these five.
  3. Sit peacefully. Breathe peacefully. Be peaceful. Then the vibration of the peace you experience will reach far and wide.
  4. Think: all are my brothers and sisters. Feel: all belong to One God and one family. Then, through your attitude: spread the power of love into the world.
  5. When the body is going through health challenges, I may be resting on my bed and I don’t talk a lot, but I just smile. There is so much inspiration in smiling.
  6. Serve through your face. Simply, smile. When you smile, the other person smiles back.
  7. Where there is patience, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is love. This makes everything possible.
  8. Humility makes the heart honest, big and clean. It enables you to be co-operative and have easy relationships with everyone.
  9. Honesty does not mean simply speaking your mind. Honesty means to see very clearly, what’s going on inside yourself.
  10. You need courage to remain true to yourself. Go within yourself and evoke your courage.
  11. My inner state should be such that not only am I uninfluenced by negativity, but my very presence is a positive influence on all negativities.
  12. For me, this is my Godly student life. I always feel that in this life, I must always be learning.
  13. If you have doubts in advance, how can you expect good results?
  14. Self-worth does not come from what you do. It comes from the quality and virtue you bring to each act.
  15. To be wise means to respond to situations with understanding, care and compassion.
  16. An actor is never focused on another actor’s part. The actor just gets on with their own part, playing it as best as they can.
  17. Put the past into the past and don’t have any unrealistic expectations for the future. Ask yourself: what do I have to do in the moment of time?
  18. No matter what’s happening around you, pay attention to making and keeping your inner stability strong.
  19. Don’t wait for others to transform. Realise that now is the time for self transformation.
  20. To get along with everyone, harmonise your personality with others. Learn to develop flexibility and at the same time, maintain your truth.
  21. Open your heart and check whether you have any negative feelings for anyone. If you do, then develop good feelings and good wishes for all in your heart.
  22. Create a peaceful atmosphere by developing a compassionate attitude.
  23. No matter what my health is like, or how many commitments I may have, I always maintain my discipline of daily meditation and spiritual study.
  24. If you think that something is right or a good thing to do, put it into practice. Don’t just think – but do it. This gives you energy.
  25. Whenever there is a barrier, people move back. But if there is a bridge, they go across. Be a bridge, not a barrier.
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  1. This is a useful blog .Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.
    Thank you for sharing

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