Worry Free Antidotes

Worry FreeImagine being worry-free. How would you feel? More secure, energised and empowered? Do you think it is possible? Let’s think it through and look at some antidotes to worry.

First of all, does worry truly serve any purpose? Does worrying about keeping safe, keep us safer? Has worry ever solved a problem? What does the energy of worry actually add to situations? Secondly, why is it that in any given identical situation some people experience worry and others don’t? What is this showing us? It is indicating to us that worry is an inside job, that worry has much more to do with what is going on in our inner worlds than with the outside circumstances.

Delving deeper we can begin to understand that worry has more to do with deeper inner currents of not feeling safe, feeling insecure and not feeling that one can trust oneself, others, one’s body or the world in general. We then translate this feeling into worry about our health, jobs, relationships, finances and achieving.

The good news is all this is that, this means we can choose to start steering ourselves in a worry-free direction and creating a worry-free ‘me.’ Who is, after-all, ultimately in charge of our inner world? Here are some worry anti-dotes to start us along this journey.

  1. Have you noticed how when you are absorbed in what you are doing you aren’t worrying? So, antidote 1 is focus on training oneself to pay attention to what is happening now. When we do we also begin to realise how much we are missing out on now, by not being present to now.
  1. Antidote 2 is to create the habit of appreciating. For instance, when you catch yourself worrying about how you look, come up with two things to appreciate about this body instead. Would you have shared that laugh with friends, seen that sunset, heard that song… without it? Our bodies are our one constant companion through life, allowing us to experience life, express ourselves and share with others.
  1. Antidote 3 is to become busy in seeing, encouraging and inspiring the best in others. When you do you will find that you have no time left to worry about them, and that you will develop faith in their ability to handle whatever comes their way.
  1. Antidote 4 is to use your intellect. Worry comes in our thoughts and feelings. We even sometimes sense that we are being paranoid or irrational. This is our intellect stirring. Antidote 4 is to awaken and put our intellects to work. Understanding automatically decreases the flames of worry. As we practise we will be able see more clearly the difference between when we are thinking to understand versus thinking with fear, and spot in advance when we are going into unfounded worry.
  1. Antidote 5 is to strengthen oneself at ones’ core, that is, to cultivate our innate core qualities of peace, love, joy, knowing and positivity. The more familiar we become with these energies the more a worry-free ‘me’ becomes a real possibility and reality.

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