Loving Life

Loving LifeImagine waking-up every day feeling enthusiastic about what the day might hold. Imagine loving every moment of every day, no matter what’s going on. Is it possible? Life is for happiness, learning and giving. When we are aligned to these, life flows. So, how can we increase the feeling of loving life? The answer lies in shifting our focus from the outside, in.

What’s a possible sign that we aren’t loving life? We look for newness, either in the form of changing our circumstances in some way or by taking on a new project. Maybe we start a new course, change jobs or move towns. These all can work, but after a while do we find ourselves back at square one? If we want a more lasting solution the answer lies in discovering, freeing and mastering our inner world.

Step 1: choose to take responsibility for your own inner world. Only once we take responsibility, and stop complaining and blaming, can we take charge of and re-create it.

Step 2: take stock of where you are here and now, without judgement. Wherever we are is OK and exactly where we are meant to be – don’t beat yourself up. We need to pin point our map location in order to know which way to go to reach our destination.

Step 3: begin to take inner action, to both discover your own inner wealth and talents and to share them with others.

The inner journey is one of self-understanding and of recognising our own innate value. When we value ourselves, loving life becomes easy. When we are learning about our own unique qualities and gifts and sharing them, life becomes fun. What are your personal qualities? Value them, hold them in your awareness and share them with others.

What holds us back? Fear? Fear is connected with a lack of understanding and diminishes with exploration. Maybe we were afraid of our neighbour, until we made friends with them. Knowing this, next time we can approach similar situations differently. We can choose to first connect to the love that we are and share this love with others. Maybe we are looking to others for approval and to value us. Recognise this and we can learn to start approving and valuing ourselves. Maybe we’re in a phase of life where if seems as if we’re dealing with a number of difficult situations; we can choose to begin seeing them as learning opportunities. When we do, we are able to see our choices more clearly. Our fear of making mistakes also diminishes, as they become stepping stones to move forward and up.

Going deeper? In order to deepen this inner journey, to loving every moment of life, we need silence. Meditation teaches us how to quieten the mind. In Raja yoga we learn to reflect on our inner being and our original qualities. At first it is a thought and then it becomes a feeling. Each meditation becomes its own journey of self-discovery.

A final thought, how we journey is important too. If we walk along the path with love then the journey and the destination become filled with love. When we value what we do, our life becomes valuable and filled with happiness. When we wake-up and smile at ourselves in the mirror, life becomes a gift.

4 Responses to “Loving Life”

  • Wise words! I agree, looking ‘for newness’ is a sign of dissatisfaction. It’s about enjoying being where you are right now 🙂

  • I can definitely appreciate the idea of trying to savour every moment. A book I recently read about the Wisdom of Groundhog Day described how even someone living the same day over and over again can make new discoveries about themselves, and learn to appreciate everyone around them. To love life and to appreciate what you have is something every person should try to do.


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