Why Values?

Values are important as they steer us through life, enable us to remain positive and forward looking, and keep us true to ourselves and safe. Values are our inner compass. Values are about who we are at our core. When we connect with, experience and express our values we create a better world to live Continue reading »

Motivation Matters

What’s behind the scene? Motivation matters. Motivation gets us out of bed. Motivation inspires us. Take a few moments to think about what motivates you… why do you get out of bed in the morning? What’s the motivation behind your motivation? What is the motivation behind wanting the job, car, house, holiday or friends? Begin Continue reading »

Hello world!

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Design Your Destiny

Do you believe that we influence our destiny? The answer is both yes and no. “No” because we can’t control everything that happens in our lives and the world. “Yes” because we can choose our responses and so ultimately the ‘type’ of person that we become. So, how do we move, from reacting to responding? Continue reading »

Happiness Invalidators

Children know all about being happy. What happens to us as we grow? Where does our happiness go? What clouds our natural contentment, joy and bliss? Why do we end up seeking it here and there? Why when we find it, doesn’t it last? What beliefs do we develop that inhibit our happiness? 1:  “I’ll Continue reading »

Happiness Ingredients

We seek it here, we seek it there, we seek it everywhere…The reason we wake up and get out of bed… The reason we work… The reason we have relationships… Happiness is our ultimate goal, happiness is our motivator. We exist to be happy. Why is it then that we seem to spend more time Continue reading »

Attract Abundance

Press ‘Pause’ Imagine pressing the ‘pause’ button, going within and retrieving whatever positive resource is needed right now. When you’re ready to bring this energy into play and to experience abundance, take your finger off the ‘pause’ button. We already have everything we need We already have everything we need. It is just that we Continue reading »

Communicate with Confidence

Communicating with confidence is being able to express yourself and articulate how you feel, positive or negative, in a respectful and loving manner.  A tall order?  Not if your communication is grounded in a healthy self-confidence, which is built on self-esteem and self-respect.  When there is fear of judgment or embarrassment you won’t be able Continue reading »

Saying Goodbye to Unhelpful Habits

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you repeatedly do the same action, it’ll turn into a habit. Once formed, habits operate at a sub-conscious level. They become our second nature. That’s great when they are supportive habits. Just imagine automatically eating healthily. However, this can prove a little troublesome when we Continue reading »

Inner Peace for Busy People

How is it even possible to maintain inner peace in the midst of everyday life? You know, the life which is super busy; filled with demands, deadlines, hopes and dreams… To be able to stay calm when unexpected things happen or others are stressing out around you? We all have the right to be at Continue reading »

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