Seeking Approval?

Do you find yourself craving others’ approval and doing ‘whatever’s needed’ to attain it? At times we’ve all probably done things just to please others. However, living for others’ approval, can have quite a detrimental effect on our lives. We may find ourselves juggling so many balls, in our attempt to keep everyone happy, that Continue reading »

The Immune Mechanism the Soul

We all know that when we catch a cold our immune system kicks into action. In fact, it is working behind the scenes all the time to keep us well. It is constantly on the look-out for any foreign bacteria or virus, and ready to act. How about on a soul level? Does the soul Continue reading »

Unstoppable – Unbreakable

The goal is set, the path seems clear and we are on our way. Then the challenges start coming and it is taking us much longer to reach our goal than we thought it would. We find ourselves beginning to wonder: Am I being too unrealistic? Is ‘this’ good enough? How can we ensure that Continue reading »

Mastering Anxiety

At times we all find ourselves feeling anxious. To feel anxious when we attempt something new is natural, it becomes a problem though when it stops us achieving our goals and grows into a feeling that we just don’t seem to be able to shake off. We can distract ourselves for a while by going Continue reading »

Empower Yourself

What is self empowerment? Here, we are considering it in terms of power over the self. In other words, over how we act, feel, speak and think. It’s about choice and having the inner power to follow one’s dreams. Recall a time you felt empowered. What were you doing? We feel empowered when we believe Continue reading »

Emotions in Motion

Do you find yourself moving from one emotion to another, from highs to lows and back again? Do you find yourself feeling drained by these ups and downs? Do you make decisions based on an emotional storm and then regret it later? Has it become a habit to react in a certain negative way to Continue reading »

Positive Relationship Skills

What is the basis of a successful relationship? The vast percentage of the quality of our relationships depend on our character, qualities and prevailing mood. So, to really create good relationships we need first to look to ourselves and our own inner capacity, qualities and attitudes. We also need to look at how we approach Continue reading »

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Tired of being tired? Doesn’t just saying it make you feel tired?  Tiredness is OK. It is a messenger. Is it that I haven’t been getting enough sleep or good quality sleep? Is it more than this? Our ideal amount of sleep is individual, usually between 7-9 hours a day. Good quality sleep is linked Continue reading »

The Art of Intuition

We can all pick up on others moods, especially if it’s someone we know well. At some point too we have all probably felt unsure about someone, what they were saying just didn’t ‘feel’ right. Intuition is an ‘inner knowing’ that isn’t necessarily logical or rational. At its deepest level, it is to know the Continue reading »

Stay Strong and Be Unflappable: Words of Wisdom by Dadi Janki

Challenging situations will continue to come in all areas of our lives: mind, body, wealth and relationships. If you get caught up in situations, you get stuck.  If you keep thinking about the situation, you end up making the situation bigger than it really is.  This leads to fear, worry and doubts, and creates an Continue reading »

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