Turning Failure into Success

Failure happens, right? We’ve all failed…  Remember, when you we first learned to walk, how many times did you fall? Imagine if we’d taken every fall as failure! Did we even consider it a failure? Wasn’t it just part of learning to walk? As children we learn by trial and error, why would it be Continue reading »

The ‘What If…?’ Worry

Do you find yourself saying, “What if…?” all the time? It might be about work, family, bills, rent, mortgages, travel… It is as if our head is in clouds of worries and we are their prisoner. Living a happy and stress-free life may be seem like an unreal dream. First of all, take stock. Look Continue reading »

Being on Track

When we are living on track we feel motivated and enthusiastic about life. What does it mean, though, to be a being on track? How do we get on track and stay on track? The secret is… be your authentic self. Identifying our Authentic Self – We can live life in one of 2 ways: outside-in Continue reading »

Feeling Stuck?

Stuck in a rut? Don’t know what you want? Don’t know what to do? Don’t know how to get started? Afraid of doing the wrong thing? Just can’t move past the obstacle before you? Feeling trapped – no time, no money…? Getting Unstuck When we feel stuck we tend to feel frustrated with our self. So, Continue reading »

Soul Coaching: Be All You Can Be

Do you feel that something is missing from your life? Do you feel like you want something different, only you can’t quite identify what exactly that something is? Can you answer this riddle? Who am I? Where do I belong? What is it that I have to do in life? The answer to this riddle Continue reading »

Mind Detox

Does your mind feel heavy, sluggish and dull? Maybe it is time for a mind detox? Like detoxing the body, a mind detox makes the mind lighter, brighter and more resilient. So, what is the mind’s food? Thoughts. What are toxins for the mind? What makes it heavy, sluggish and dull? What causes you to Continue reading »

Peace of Mind

We travel across the five continents searching for peace. Why have we still not found it? We are searching ‘outside’ of ourselves for something that can only be ‘found’ within. Pause for a moment… go inside… become silent… and create a thought of peace… Let peace enter your life. Who doesn’t want peace of mind? Continue reading »

People Skills

Who doesn’t want to get on with people? To have fun, cooperate and live in harmony together? So, why is it that our biggest challenges, more often than not, are relationships? What can we do to improve our people skills? We can employ REAL. These are the four essential building-blocks of for great relationships. REAL: Continue reading »

Avoid Avoidance!

Is there something you are avoiding? Do you sugar coat why you are avoiding it or play it down? Do you have good ideas that you don’t dare follow through? Do you do things but at the same time hold yourself back? Are you afraid to shine? Why do we avoid? It might be fear Continue reading »

360 Degrees of Presence

What does having presence mean? Can you think of someone you know who has presence? Sometimes we give people high prominence in our mind, however, this is different to presence. Real presence, like the sun, influences without wanting attention and can change the atmosphere of a room. Real presence is something we can all have. Continue reading »

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