Time To Stop Being Tired

“Hello.” “Oh Hello, how are you?” “Tired.” “Me too. It was a long day.” “Yeah. I’m beat!” A snippet of a conversation, you might hear at home, work or even on the train. We all seem to be complaining about how tired we are. And when we’re tired, most of us try to push through Continue reading »

Are You Guilty of Being Superficial?

Being superficial is looking on the surface, at the outside rather than what’s truly inside. The cars people drive, their style, beauty, fashion… we’re all guilty of it. At the same time, we become so fixated on other people’s lives (and on celebrities) that we view their lives more than our own. Do one thing. Continue reading »

If Only: To Regret or Not Regret?

Have you ever wished you had a time machine to go back in time and change something? Hmm, maybe even to change many things! Maybe those opportunities you’ve missed? or “I wish I hadn’t shouted at him, then maybe we’d still be talking” or “If only I’d put more effort in, I’d have got better Continue reading »

Quit The Quibble

Quibble, Quibble, Quibble…To quibble is to find fault, argue or bicker over unnecessary details. Quibble over the small stuff and the important stuff might get forgotten or left un-dealt with, all because attention gets diverted from the larger and deeper problems. So is quibbling useful or is it just a waste of time and energy? Continue reading »

Anger Management

We say, ‘Don’t get mad!’ to each other, and yet when we do become ‘mad’, our hearts are inevitably hurt, and then later comes the regret. So, what can we do to manage our anger? Firstly, to manage anger we have to see what our intentions are. Do I really want to change this pattern Continue reading »

Are You a Pessimist Or an Optimist?

Okay, so imagine half a glass of water, in front of you. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Do you view things from an optimistic or a pessimistic viewpoint? Which are you? A mixture of both or are you leaning more towards one side? Here’s the third choice (it’s the Continue reading »

Feeling Overwhelmed?

So many things to do, so little time… or just the thought of the amount of work required to do one task… ughhh! It all makes us feel overwhelmed. When we feel overwhelmed we think and think about how much we have to do, and end up not getting much done. Whilst “overwhelm” happens to Continue reading »

Stop Neglecting! Start Nurturing

Look back at your life and check: in the process of getting where you are today what have you neglected, and what have you been nurturing? Right now, check where you are in life: – What are you neglecting that would propel you towards success, to the best person you could be? – Are you Continue reading »

From Mood to Mood

Bad moods happen. There are days when we all feel down! Where no matter how bright and sunny the weather, we’re in a mood. And most of us allow our moods to get the better of us. So, how do you deal with the emotions? Do you eat yourself silly or spend time snapping at Continue reading »

The Relationship Equation: A + E = C

Attitude Our attitude is created by our thoughts and influenced by whatever is in our memory. Our attitude determines our outlook, how we interpret what we see and how we act. 2 primary attitudes: 1) The attitude of taking (wanting.) Here our mind is thinking ‘I want…’ all the time. As a result we are Continue reading »

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