In The Habit of Being Untidy

In The Habit of Being UntidyNoticed how there’s always more important things to do than cleaning, easier to leave things in a messy and untidy pile? “I’ll leave this here for a while & put it away later…” How soon do you ever get back to it? As things get tossed around, it doesn’t take long for things to get cluttered.

Huge piles of papers sometimes become mini-avalanches; piles of clothes cover the floor until you forget what the floor looks like. And then you can’t find your keys, phone, documents etc when you need them. Being untidy means you spend lots of time being stressed. Does it still seem worth being messy?

For some, inspiration and creativity often reside in clutter. Didn’t Alexander Fleming discover penicillin from moldy, neglected Petri dishes! For a naturally untidy person, untidiness is just an expression of their personality. For them, being tidy is overrated, a waste of time, as they can locate what they need from the mess that no one else can make sense of.

For most, it’s really a waste of time, when you can’t find the right things when you need them and have to search for everything everyday. And think about all that dirt, “ewww”! It’s time to clean up. Just don’t become a ‘clean freak’. Be organised enough. Don’t spend too much time cleaning. And don’t worry if others don’t share your passion for tidying up. The key is being flexible, in the end it’s all about balance and being happy.

Here’s a few tricks to make tidying up fun:
– Play music while you clean! Listen! Sing! Clean!
– Throw junk mail away immediately
– Reduce. Reduce. Reduce. Twice a year, get rid of extra stuff you don’t want or need
– Have a weekly specific time slot to do the basic cleaning

Remember: cleaning can be very therapeutic. Some say that the mess around you equals a messy mind. Cleaning frees up the mind to refocus and be more productive.

This blog is part of “The A – Z Challenge”, shifting one negative habit a week into a positive. For more info on the challenge, click here:

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