Mood Management

A mood is different from an emotional reaction. Emotions are like the waves created on the surface of the lake by the wind. They tend to be reactions to external situations and short lived. Can you count how many emotions you experienced today? A mood is something deeper and it lasts for longer. Moods influence Continue reading »

Zero to Hero

From a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate how you feel about yourself? Are you a Zero (0) or a Hero (10)? Are you drowning in the bottomless pit of Zero or riding the crest of the Hero wave? To state the obvious – Zero = feel down, inadequate, insignificant, unworthy… Stuck in Continue reading »

Stop Yapping. Start Communicating.

“Yap yap, you’re talkin’ too much, mmm yes far too much… you know you talk too much yeah yap, yap, yap, its driving me down…” – ‘Yap Yap’ by Keith Richards Are you guilty of talking too much? Are you communicating? Are you long winded when you speak? Why? Sometimes it’s because we’re nervous or Continue reading »

Do You Have To Exaggerate?

Exaggerate much? “That was the best movie ever… I’m freezing… My whole day is ruined… She’s always rude…” or have you ever slightly exaggerated your achievements during a job interview or on your CV? It’s so easy to multiply and magnify situations – we’ve all done it. Turning nothing into something! We exaggerate numbers, lengths Continue reading »

Worry Not

Are you a worrywart? It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking about ‘bad things and unpleasant scenarios’ that may happen, and then embellish them with so many details! Are you worrying about your job, family, finance, health, relationships and, well, just about everything else? With all these worries, most of us could write Continue reading »

Are You Being too Vague?

Welcome to the wonderful world of vague communication! Here’s where we speak in vague generalities. At times we are intentionally vague. It’s just easier to ‘small talk’ in a friendly way. It saves time in a conversation. It also stops people interfering in our life. Believe me, some people can be so inquisitive, wanting to Continue reading »

In The Habit of Being Untidy

Noticed how there’s always more important things to do than cleaning, easier to leave things in a messy and untidy pile? “I’ll leave this here for a while & put it away later…” How soon do you ever get back to it? As things get tossed around, it doesn’t take long for things to get Continue reading »

Creating Synchronicity

Living in synchronicity means… to be in the flow and find life to be full of magic moments, wonder and enjoyment. Synchronicity is about allowing things to happen, rather than labouring hard to make things happen. Stop and feel ‘How is my life?’ Choose to Invest in ‘You’ First of all begin investing in ‘you’, Continue reading »

Time To Stop Being Tired

“Hello.” “Oh Hello, how are you?” “Tired.” “Me too. It was a long day.” “Yeah. I’m beat!” A snippet of a conversation, you might hear at home, work or even on the train. We all seem to be complaining about how tired we are. And when we’re tired, most of us try to push through Continue reading »

Are You Guilty of Being Superficial?

Being superficial is looking on the surface, at the outside rather than what’s truly inside. The cars people drive, their style, beauty, fashion… we’re all guilty of it. At the same time, we become so fixated on other people’s lives (and on celebrities) that we view their lives more than our own. Do one thing. Continue reading »

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