Avoid Avoidance!

Avoid AvoidanceIs there something you are avoiding? Do you sugar coat why you are avoiding it or play it down? Do you have good ideas that you don’t dare follow through? Do you do things but at the same time hold yourself back? Are you afraid to shine?

Why do we avoid?
It might be fear of rejection, humiliation, others judgements and criticism or fear to stand out in the crowd (a lack of self-belief or self-value). Over time avoiding becomes our habit and rules us.

What can we do?

  1. Start believing in YOU – in who YOU are, which has nothing to do with what you do. Start enjoying being YOU.

  2. Take time out to spend with YOU and find out all about YOU, as you would with a new friend. Start noticing what and how you avoid and become your own best friend. Laugh at yourself and encourage yourself to stop avoiding.  
  3. Step out of your comfort zone and start realizing your full potential. If we don’t we will always be looking for things to fill our lives. Explore the question: What is my purpose?

Addressing the Habit

  • Stay alert so that when a thought of avoidance arises in your mind you notice it before it has you under its spell.

  • Dispute it. Catch yourself out. ‘Ahh, you again! I know you’.

  • Replace it with a positive affirmation, such as: I am able and capable; I am a valuable person; there is nothing to be afraid of…  

  • Act with determination and full intention.

The Manifesto 
Ultimately we are stopping ourselves from being ourselves. Write a manifesto: Who are you? What are your values? What do you believe in? How do you want to ‘be’ – feel and interact with others.

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