Peace of Mind

Peace of MindWe travel across the five continents searching for peace. Why have we still not found it?

We are searching ‘outside’ of ourselves for something that can only be ‘found’ within.

Pause for a moment go inside… become silent… and create a thought of peace… Let peace enter your life.

Who doesn’t want peace of mind? Hands-up! The good news is that we can all have peace of mind. The key is to understand what peace is and what the mind is.

What is peace?
Peace is a state of inner contentment and fulfillment. If there is any animosity or sorrow within us we can’t be peaceful.

What is in the mind?
Is it something physical? Something we can hold and weigh? Are thoughts physical, measurable, tangible?  

Who does ‘our’ mind belong too?
We say ‘my’ hands and ‘my’ feet and expect them to do what we tell them to do. In the same way we say ‘my’ mind. Does this not make the mind ‘our’ property? Does this not mean that it too should do as we tell it to?  

What does it mean to be in charge of ‘our’ mind?
Are you aware of the link between your thoughts and feeling? Think of a deep, still lake in a beautiful green valley… how do you begin to feel? Now think of being squashed on a delayed train, unsure if you are going to get to the important meeting on time… how do you begin to feel? You haven’t physically been present in either of these situations and yet just thinking about them has had an effect on how you feel hasn’t it? So, while squashed on the train could you not turn your thoughts to that beautiful valley? You can’t do anything about the delayed train, but you can choose what mood you turn up to your meeting in.

So… Who is in charge of ‘your’ mind?
You? Are you always in charge or only sometimes? At times we seem to unconsciously hand over the remote-control of our mind to someone else. They are then in charge of pressing the buttons! Sometimes it isn’t a person, it could also be our worries about the future or past events that rob us of our peace of mind.

Peace of Mind
1/ Become the master of your own mind
. Take back the remote-control and choose what buttons you want to press for yourself. Nurture contentment within yourself and live your full potential.

2/ Free yourself from worries about the future. We create our own futures. We can determine to become our best self. Things will happen, only when they do we will find we can cope, find a way through, the help we need will appear and that we can help others to handle it too. Just focus on what you need to do now and do it to the best of your ability, then whatever happens after, you will be fine.

3/ Free yourself from the past. Have you noticed how when a past memory emerges the feeling comes too? I am feeling great and then the memory comes and I no longer feel so great! One way of helping to free our self from re-living the past over and over again is reframing. Reframing takes away the sting of the memory and this then allows God’s love to reach us and heal us.

Reframing: See if you can see things from the others’ side? Check, what good has happened as a result of that event that wouldn’t otherwise have happened? Something you have learned? Are you more self-confident? A new friend? A new job? A trip?

4/ Be selective about your thoughts. Make your thoughts high quality thoughts. Have a powerful and determined thought for yourself, such as, I am not going to let anything rob me of my peace of mind; this conflict must get resolved…. Also, have good wishes for others.

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