Boost Your Confidence

Can you say without doubt, ‘This is where I want to be and this is what I want to be doing’? Real confidence comes when we feel we are living our truth, on purpose and aligned with life. This comes from knowing who we are. This is deeper than ‘everyday’ confidence. To know who we Continue reading »

Focus Your Attention

When focused: work is easier, takes less time, we make fewer mistakes and are much more productive and efficient. The ability to focus enhances our ability to achieve what we want to achieve. Plan your Day Instead of chaotically trying to do 7 tasks at once first write them down and then prioritize them. Next Continue reading »

Time and Energy

Time and energy, both are so precious and yet so easy to waste. How much time and energy have you wasted already today? Imagine if for every minute you wasted you lost a pound! Would you be in debt? One reason why these two are so easy to waste is that we don’t see their Continue reading »

Inner Feng Shui

Inner Feng Shui is about clearing our blocks, so that we can flow with life, create internal happiness and have a positive impact on those around us. Internally, we have a lot of things within ourselves that stems the growth of having a positive and happy life. So what blocks our energy and how do Continue reading »

Why Forgive?

Forgiveness can transform our lives. Forgiveness is a choice and an act of love. Forgiveness frees us from painful memories and allows us to move forward, reach our full potential and be happy. Take a moment and just think: if I hold onto negative things from the past, is it doing me any good? Does Continue reading »

Change and Uncertainty

Do you like change and its’ uncertainty? Sometimes we look forward to change and its possibilities and at other times we don’t. Sometimes we want to change things, and at others times we want to keep everything exactly as it is and we resist change. What makes the difference? Our attitude towards a particular change Continue reading »

Strengthen Your Willpower

Achieving our goals in life is determined, to a certain extent, by how healthy our willpower is. A healthy willpower deals us the ace. It keeps us on track. It gives us the strength to face obstacles. It gives us the clarity to say no to temptations that would set us back. Our willpower works Continue reading »

Wake-Up Inspired

Do you wake-up feeling inspired by the day ahead? What does it mean to wake-up inspired? It is to wake-up feeling alive and enthusiastic about the day ahead. Maybe you are enthusiastic about what you might learn today or experience today? Maybe about what you are going to do or give or create today? Maybe Continue reading »

The Art of Conversation

We’ve all met someone who has the knack of creating a good conversation. They’re able to talk with ease about anything in a relaxed and interested manner. We know the difference between them and the interrupter, the over-sharer, the one that goes on and on, the one-upper or the one who asks deeply personal questions Continue reading »

Going From ‘Not Enough’ to Enough

Do you feel like you never have quite ‘enough’? Enough time, money, opportunities, resources… If so, how can we go from ‘not enough’ to feeling like we have enough or more than enough? The secret is to change our mindset. When we are feeling ‘not enough’ we are focusing on ‘the lack,’ only seeing ‘what Continue reading »

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