Stay Strong and Be Unflappable: Words of Wisdom by Dadi Janki


Challenging situations will continue to come in all areas of our lives: mind, body, wealth and relationships.

If you get caught up in situations, you get stuck.  If you keep thinking about the situation, you end up making the situation bigger than it really is.  This leads to fear, worry and doubts, and creates an upheaval and fluctuation inside; and as a result, this depletes your inner strength. 

If you keep thinking “What’s going to happen?” you allow your imagination to run wild and create worst-case scenarios.  Most often, your thoughts lead you to your destination.  If you keep thinking “I’m going to fail”, then you most likely will fail!

Decide: do I want to continue to live like this or do I want to become strong and stable?  Do I want to sit on a comfortable stable chair or do I want to sit on an uneven, wobbly chair?

If you want inner stability then pay attention to your thoughts. If there are any unnecessary thoughts, apply a full stop.  Harness your mind and finish any negativity immediately.  Think when it’s necessary.  Don’t think extra thoughts, please!  Keep your thoughts positive and powerful, and create your inner strength. 

Accept what’s happened.  Understand that every scene in the drama of life holds benefit for you and all. 

Know that the challenging situation has in fact come to help you move forward – not to hold you back.  Know that the situation will pass. 

Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is better and whatever is to happen will be the best.  In this way, no matter what happens, you’ll genuinely feel that there’s “no problem!” that everything is OK and everything is easy. 

When you’re undisturbed, you’re able to be present and think clearly.  You’ll find solutions easily.  You’ll know what you need to do.  You’ll know what is the appropriate action needed, right now.  Overcome challenging situations with courage, determination and faith.

When I used to live in Pune, India, there was once a major earthquake, and at that moment I became very peaceful, still and didn’t fluctuate in any way.  Then as soon as it stopped, I was able to go out and help others. 

If you panic, you cause confusion, not only for yourself but also for others around you.  If you get distressed when others are distressed, are you going to be helpful in that situation?  Imagine, how would a patient react if the doctor starts to get distressed? 

Make yourself unshakeable, like an elephant.  Make your head and heart strong.  When you feel strong, your heart is big, generous and compassionate.  Stay strong and then you can help and support others through your thoughts and presence.  Your good feelings can make a difference and erase others’ distress and sorrow.

My personal secret to staying unflappable is: No matter what my health is like, or how many commitments & meetings I may have, I always maintain my discipline of daily meditation and spiritual study.  I take light and might from God, and I have total faith that everything will turn out right.  And when I interact with others, all I have to do is care, share and inspire.  This is what gives me energy, strength and power. 

So, pay attention to your actions.  Performing good actions creates inner strength; actually, not just good, but elevated actions. 

Make time to experience your inner peace.  When there’s peace, there’s love, then there’s happiness, and in happiness there is power.  Then nothing can disturb you.  Keep smiling, keep going and simply, enjoy the journey.

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  1. Dorothy Kingston

    Thank you so much. I look forward to my daily insights, they stabilise me and give me strength.

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