Tired of Feeling Tired?

Tired of Feeling Tired?Tired of being tired? Doesn’t just saying it make you feel tired?  Tiredness is OK. It is a messenger. Is it that I haven’t been getting enough sleep or good quality sleep? Is it more than this?

Our ideal amount of sleep is individual, usually between 7-9 hours a day. Good quality sleep is linked with a good diet, enough exercise and putting the day to rest before going to sleep.  It also helps to create the habit of going to bed and getting up at the same time 7 days a week, and with the thought that you will wake up refreshed and well-rested.

When we are doing all these things, why do i still feel tired? This is a signal to look inwards. Has tiredness become your habit? What is your first thought on waking? ‘Oh no, not another day’ or ‘What a beautiful morning.’ A good tip is to set-up your day with a morning meditation to create a good feeling for the day ahead. 

Then, throughout the day, check what you are thinking. Are you focusing on feeling tired?  What is your background ‘inner’ dialogue? Is it repetitive? Repetitive thinking is linked to boredom. Begin to challenge yourself to do something a bit differently, e.g. change your route to work, cook something new or visit somewhere different.

Another question to ask yourself is, ‘Why am I doing what I’m doing?’ When we are aligned to our purpose we are aligned with the highest part of ourselves. Tiredness can come when we are not awake too, resisting or suppressing our full potential. Living our potential is living with our head and heart in balance and there is a sense of joy in life and in its’ unfolding.

Relationships can also be a cause of tiredness. One big energy drainer is wanting others to be as we want them to be. Instead allow others to be who they are and give them the right to make mistakes and live their lives. Also, do the same for yourself. Other drainers are when we make comparisons and find fault in everything. Give yourself the challenge to find at least one good thing about everyone you meet today.

Another cause of tiredness is bad time management. Putting things off? We can waste a lot of energy thinking about what we need to do instead of just getting on and doing it. The other one is too much to do? Here we need to prioritize, see what you really need to do today and wean yourself off activities that you know are a complete waste of time. It is also good to pause in-between tasks and take ‘rejuvenating’ short breaks. 

As we move out of feeling tired all the time we move into enthusiasm and the ‘wow’ factor. It is then possible to maintain a sense of ease and happiness with ourselves even when there is lots to do.

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