The Immune Mechanism the Soul

The Immune Mechanism of the SoulWe all know that when we catch a cold our immune system kicks into action. In fact, it is working behind the scenes all the time to keep us well. It is constantly on the look-out for any foreign bacteria or virus, and ready to act.

How about on a soul level? Does the soul have an immune mechanism? Does it need one?

We know we have picked up a virus because we feel unwell. Likewise for the soul. We can know that we have picked up a ‘virus’ when we experience some sort of dis-ease or emotional upset.

What is a ‘virus’ for the soul? A ‘virus’ is something alien to the original nature of the soul. One major ‘virus’ for the soul is, false or acquired beliefs. Instead of letting our actions be lead by truth they are determined by the ‘virus’ and we feel upset.

So, how does the immune mechanism of the soul work? First of all it signals us that a ‘virus’ or false belief is in operation. Our natural state is one of peace and happiness not dis-ease or emotional upheaval.

Next we need to be aware and alert. Catch the signal as early as possible, and check if the dis-ease is due to a false belief running the show. When we realize the false belief that is causing the dis-ease we can transform it by applying the ointment of truth.

Here are some examples, to give you more of an idea of how to play with this.

Something has happened and you feel annoyed. First, be aware and acknowledge how you are feeling. Second, ask yourself why exactly you feel annoyed? Is it really because of what someone said, or because they didn’t say what you wanted them to? Is your anger really due to what someone did, or the false belief that others should do as you want?

A big ‘virus’ that causes us to experience the dis-ease of anger is the false belief that others should do as we want them to do. Check, if you didn’t have this belief, would you become angry if they didn’t do as you wanted them to do? Now apply the truth. The truth is that we are all free spirits. I don’t control others, nor do they control me.

Another example is, feeling allergic. Are there some people you just can’t stand? What might the false belief be? Maybe that, other people should be like me. The truth? Everyone is unique. No two people are ever the same, including me.

How about heart disease? Why are you feeling sad? The false belief connected with sadness is usually around the feeling of having lost ‘something.’ It could be time or an opportunity. The truth? The truth is that we have nothing to loose, as nothing is ours.

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