Boost your Positivity

Boost your positivity It may be easier than you think! We’ve all heard (or been told) how being more positive doesn’t just make us feel better, but it also improves our relationships, we become more resilient, creative, successful as well as have better health and live longer. Here are 5 simple steps that will make Continue reading »

Ways to Enjoy Life More

Life is what is happening right now, stop, take a breath and allow yourself to be awake to the gift of the present. A lot of the time we miss being in the present. We get busy running to meet deadlines, appointments or reacting to everything thrown at us, rather than savouring the experience. To Continue reading »

Seeing, Thinking, Doing

We think so much about what we should be doing, how to do it, when to do it, what could go wrong.  By over-thinking we make mistakes, which cause us to think even more.  In short, we’re wasting time thinking instead of doing. What occupies your thinking? The good things in your life? Who am Continue reading »


“Kindness is our nature… We are genetically wired to be kind. This is why it is good for us. And it is also why, when we don’t show kindness, or compassion, gratitude or forgiveness, it stresses our nervous system and isn’t good for our health.” David Hamilton It’s cool to be kind. When someone is Continue reading »

Developing Inner Resilience

Resilience is the ability to quickly bounce back from disappointments and set-backs, and to not let them over-shadow us. Looking at children, it’s easy to see that they are often more resilient that adults. They have the uncanny ability to live in the moment – the present – and enjoy what they have now without Continue reading »

Being In The Moment

All to often we find ourselves moving backwards into the past or forward into the future. Conversations oscillating between, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve or maybe’s and what if’s. We’re so busy unravelling the past or planning the future, we forget this moment, right here, is precious. And once it’s slipped through our fingers we’ve lost it. Continue reading »

Worry Free

Worry. Worry. Worry. By giving worries attention we give them energy, and then before we know it, molehills have become mountains. To become truly free from worry, the trick is, start living from the inside out. How does this work? When you’ve spent time anchoring yourself in your innate qualities of peace, love, happiness and Continue reading »

I Is For Influence

We are constantly being influenced, whether we realise it or not – it may be an upsetting comment or feeling inspired by an act of kindness. Influence is the impact people, events, ideas, sights and sounds have on us.  It’s also how we impact others and situations.  Do you lighten up the atmosphere or fill Continue reading »

Seeking Approval?

Do you find yourself craving others’ approval and doing ‘whatever’s needed’ to attain it? At times we’ve all probably done things just to please others. However, living for others’ approval, can have quite a detrimental effect on our lives. We may find ourselves juggling so many balls, in our attempt to keep everyone happy, that Continue reading »

The Immune Mechanism the Soul

We all know that when we catch a cold our immune system kicks into action. In fact, it is working behind the scenes all the time to keep us well. It is constantly on the look-out for any foreign bacteria or virus, and ready to act. How about on a soul level? Does the soul Continue reading »

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